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Meanwhile, in Canada

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  1. I feel sorry for Canadians being under the thumb of this dictator. Beautiful country but I won’t visit there again until Trudeau is gone.

  2. nice … but without any backing of a form of physical push-back it means nothing to the powers that govern … it is an empty vessel … let the peasants express themselves … it makes them happy … it keeps them tame

    thank God that those that influenced & wrote the Constitution established that the governed be given a means to defend themselves against the tyranny of governance

    think about that … it is an absolutely profound moment in history that a group of ‘learned’ men establish a new form of government that would allow ‘the people’ a means of physical overthrow of the government that they just established.

    does anyone believe that any politician we have today would agree to such a situation of governance?
    it’s a simple question: do you freely authorize the people that allowed you to govern the right to dispose you, by force, if necessary, if you are no longer deemed to represent the will of the people & will not give up the power that the people have given you?

    do they represent us today on the issue of our sovereign border? our right to property? our right to self-defense?

    nay, they are, to a person, usurpers … I have more fingers & toes than those that are now in power that I would actually support … it is a pitiful situation

  3. @Cheryl

    Have you looked around America, lately? It’s worse than IDIOCRACY!

    Open borders
    Funding a faux war
    Corruption of everything
    Manufactured pandemics
    Very fast Inflation rising
    Rich globalists elitists buying farmland
    Forbidden to make or replace refineries
    A debauched military
    Brainwashing our children

    Too much to list. Canada has an idiot, but so do we.

    Thank God we still have our right to guns, but ‘they’ are like bulls in bullfighting. They bleed from the losses, but still keep charging at ALL rights and freedom.

    Think of the funnel to slavery the globalist commie bastards have us in. Tactics tried around the world are in full bloom, here.

    Don’t pin your hopes on the ‘red’ wave of November.

    If the frauds of elections are not fixed, they will continue. Cheating will prevail. The fix is in and ‘they’ are preparing the ballots, now.

    No I.D. to vote; mail ins out of control; harvesting votes, even from the dead; extended time for voting to ensure cheaters have the time they need to overcome whatever number of votes they need to win.

    We’ve all seen the figures change right in front of us while watching election results. But ‘they’ do the JEDI wave and swear it wasn’t what we saw and we allow it to happen over and over and over again!

  4. “Canada has an idiot but so do we”.
    Just one?
    According to the latest poll, 36% of dems still fully support Joe Biden and the job he’s doing.
    By my guestimate, using the highly suspect 81 million figure, we have close to 30 million people that should be institutionalized.

  5. “Have you looked around America, lately? It’s worse than IDIOCRACY!”

    Well it certainly IS Idiocracy, just about all bottled water you can buy now has “electrolytes”.

    Guess we’ll be watering our farms with Brawndo soon…

  6. I used to think that Chris Cuomo had the most punchable face ever. I think my vote has changed now. Trudeau wins. What a shithead.

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