Meanwhile, in London… The mayor is an idiot.

Patriot Retort: Hey Sadiq: most knife murders are committed by men.

As London surpasses New York City in murders, Sadiq Khan is busy…

*checks notes*

… battling gender inequality at Wikipedia.

Yeah. Really.


The vast majority of Wikipedia editors are men – and just 17% of its biographies are of women. We’re calling on Londoners to help us redress this gender imbalance and ensure women’s stories are fully represented online

So, let’s recap, shall we?

As murder and crime skyrockets, Sadiq decides it’s time to focus like a laser on the lack of diversity among bicyclists in London.

And now, Sadiq has set his sights on fighting to “redress gender imbalance” among Wikipedia editors.  MORE


6 Comments on Meanwhile, in London… The mayor is an idiot.

  1. Khan has nothing better to do than whine about gender imbalance on Wikipedia? I’ll do my part here to address this problem so Khan can get around to fixing London’s knife murder problem.

    Wikipedia Entry: Hair Salons

    So I said to Barbara – you remember Barbara, don’t you? She’s the slutty law firm receptionist that married Paul’s brother just to get divorced and end up with that cute house in the burbs. Anyway, I told Barbara that I couldn’t go to that brunch with her because Paul and I were planning a fabulous weekend in the country even though Paul had to work all weekend but I just couldn’t stand spending 4 hours with that woman….

    [Editor’s note: the author tuned out and did not finish the piece. This entry may have been written by a male.]

  2. Let’s try that approach to gender equality in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and tell them it was Sadiq’s idea.

  3. He knows he is unable to do a thing about the bigger problems in his city, so, like the guy with the house on fire around him, he focuses on washing the dishes.

    Idiot is too kind an appellation.


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