Meanwhile in NOKO: Mandatory Crop Deucing


DC: Kim Jong-un Demands Feces Production To Combat Fertilizer Shortage.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is taking drastic measures to save his country’s economy from going down the toilet.

Amid two years of shrinking economic numbers—largely as a result of a fertilizer shortage that has tanked the agricultural sector—the tyrant is finally taking action in the form of a poop quota, according to Radio Free Asia.

Kim Jong-un, who has led his people to believe that he is too elite to need to urinate or defecate himself, is now demanding 220 pounds of feces from his starving citizenry every single day. more here

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  1. Obviously no one ever taught that boy ya don’t shit where ya eat!

    On the other hand, “The manure merchants are doing really well these days”
    Has anyone informed CNN about this??

  2. At the next summit with Trump, the MSM will provide megatons of BS for NK agriculture. Should be an excellent crop year.

  3. Is that 220 lbs. of feces for the whole country or 220 lbs. per person a day? And how can you shit that much when all his subjects are pretty much all on starvation diets? Even the chinks aren’t this blatantly stupid. Never trust any food product that ever comes from China or now from Norkland. And is lil kim going to provide his daily quota of shit or is that just for the starving little people? This is really a shitty idea of the worst kind but what else would you expect from a shithead like kim. Wouldn’t it just be easier and the communist way just to kill them all like the Russians did with the Ukrainians back in the 1920’s and starve them all and use their dead bodies for compost?

  4. Too bad he doesn’t include himself….he’s an untapped asset that’s completely full of shi….fertilizer.

  5. Hate to burst everybody’s bubble but ya might want to ask what they do with the sludge from your local waste water treatment plants. You probably won’t like the answer.

  6. Back when Obama had me in the poor house I did a lot of gardening and research into compost making. Basically the takeaway is you can compost your own shit. But you should never give that compost to someone else or use someone else’s shit for compost. Apparently you have an immunity to the bacteria in your own shit, but not shit from others. I’ve never shit on my compost pile, but have pissed on it many times. Urine helps ignite the pile. That said, by far the best compost I’ve ever made is chicken shit compost. In the calm, chilly early morning hours so much heat and moisture would come off the pile there would be a haze around my yard. My second favorite is vermicompost. Worms are awesome and work especially well as an organic paper shredder. If you’ve got confidential documents you’re afraid to pass thru a shredder because it can be put back together, or if you are just lazy, set up a worm bin and watch those documents melt into fertilizer. Slower than fire, but you are rewarded with a better garden.

  7. …Go see the Democrats for shit, Kim. They’re full of it.

    …feel free to pull the tops of their heads off to get at it…

  8. Socialism!
    Just demand it!

    I’m not sure, but even Koreans have to eat something in order to crap, don’t they?
    Plants inhale CO2 and exhale O2 and hydrocarbons, but I don’t think Koreans (or even Venezuelans) can do that. Sounds like ObolaCare – something-for-nothing – or perpetual motion. What is it about tyrants that they believe they can order the tides? Sick in the head.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. “Why doesn’t San Francisco export some of their street poop?”

    …because they’re saving it for later, @MJA…


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