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Meanwhile in Pennsylvania…

If Biden runs again (🤣) I hope he picks Fetterman as his Veep.

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  1. Oratory in America is done.
    Between Pedo Joetato and this fool, I can’t even follow what they’re trying to get at.

    Are they purposely obscure or are they idiots?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. A wise man once said:
    Give a clown a vote and elect him for a day.
    Teach a clown to vote and he’ll steal the election every time!

  3. You mean the Fettermans, as I’m sure that lump will soon have a tiny head pop out of it. *Yeah, I’ve watched too much Family Guy.*

  4. I can’t believe Pennsylvania has nominated Lumpy Fedderman to run for Senator. This is idiotic even by democrat standards.

  5. I have a joke with a good friend from PA. I moved to Malvern to work at a small studio. There were like 6 other artists and I thought they all had disproportionately large heads. Too big for their bodies whether they were tall/short/skinny /fat. I’m from Ohio and they thought my head was tragically too small. Completely silly stuff.

    However, Fetterman proves my theory.

  6. Q: “What’s the best thing that ever came out of Pennsylvania?”
    A: “An empty Greyhound bus!”

    Oh ……… wait .. Scranton zin Pencilvanya …..

  7. This handful of moron demoncrap is standing there waiting on every word from someone who is brain damaged. What does that prove about their brains.


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