Media begins smear campaign of Dr. Drew

Breitbart:  Samantha Allen at the Daily Beast writes that Dr. Drew Pinsky’s sudden cancellation on CNN’s HLN, days after questioning the health of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, surprised no one. Allen recounts a litany of scandals in the physician and media host’s past and declares his career in jeopardy.

Clinton’s daughter Chelsea sits on the board of IAC, the Daily Beast’s parent company.

From The Daily Beast:

By the time Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show was canceled by CNN after he engaged in unfounded speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health, no one was shocked.

For years, the Loveline host had been seen as more of a “television doctor,” as Newt Gingrich recently referred to him, than as a doctor who also appears on TV. Most memorably, Pinsky presided over VH1’s Celebrity Rehab from 2008 to 2012, with five cast members dying while the show was still on the air. A sixth, the WWE star Chyna, died of a drug overdose this April, drawing renewed attention to the questionable ethics of the reality show.  MORE

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  1. Needs one of those redone Soviet Era posters from The People’s Cube

    Komrade Klinton Is Healthy Leader of Proletariat!

    Do Not Question Komrade Klinton’s Strength!

  2. “…drawing renewed attention to the questionable ethics of the reality show.”

    If they were killing off drug addled ‘celebrity addicts’ I would have donated heavily.

  3. Keep in mind that the pollsters are selling their services to these same media companies that immediately fire anyone that doesn’t give them the result they want.

  4. Of course, Vince Fostered. Or John Jonesed and found under a train. Or Scaliad with a pillow over his head.
    Killary Murder Inc is quite versatile.

  5. The only thing left is for them to start referring to Dr. Drew as “disgraced”, and therefore the whole issue about Hillary’s multiple “alleged” health issues as been “debunked”. I’ll wager Snopes has already written it up like that.

  6. this useful idiot just outlived his usefulness. It could not have happened to a nicer guy. If you recall Dr. Drew did nothing when, on his show Ben Shapiro called a tranny “Sir” and the tranny threatened to send Shapiro home in an ambulance.

    Live by the P.C./thought police sword you can die by the P.C./thought police sword.

  7. Well, duh. Of course they’re out to get him. Not only did he have the gall to opine that the emperor is wearing no clothes, he’s also drawn the public’s attention to that vulgar tattoo on his ass.

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