Media blames their Buzzfeed feeding frenzy on everyone else

Patriot Retort:

Yesterday, the news media gorged itself on that phony-baloney Buzzfeed story.

Like starved piranhas in a kiddie pool, they went into a feeding frenzy full of “Ifs.”

If this report is true, then Trump will no doubt be impeached.

If the President doesn’t get out in front of this and issue a strong statement of denial, well, you know what that means…

If, if, if.


They couldn’t get enough of the “Ifs.”

And like a teenager with no impulse-control, the same idiots who went on this feeding frenzy are now moaning and whining, “Why did you let me eat so much?!”  MORE

17 Comments on Media blames their Buzzfeed feeding frenzy on everyone else

  1. Tipped a few. But I’ll take on all 17 of the Cuomo brothers by myself and beat their asses. Well, I might need MoeToms help. But damn it we’ll get it done. I’ll take my time hurting two of them. They’ll dig it.

  2. Why is it that the assholes in the MSM have no self-knowledge?

    They just don’t know what assholes they are.

  3. You better be careful with those coumo boys, they might have their wyminz with them. They’re probably meaner than the boys.

  4. I’m going to try this at work on Monday.

    I’m going to not check my work, report a bunch of flat out wrong information, make a lot of completely unsupported assertions, question the motives of anyone who criticizes me and then pat myself on the back for carrying Democracy on my back because of my profession.

    Wish me luck!

  5. Corrupt propagandists hoping for cushy government jobs whenot the next dimocrat is elected.

    Just look at – ugh – Obama”s staff.

  6. Why even attempt to give them a beating, their too stupid to learn anything from it. Just get some rope, and give the traitorous commie bastards a good neck stretching and be done with them.

  7. Well, they can’t very well say: “We was took in – don’t we look stupid?”
    Or: “The Klown Kar crashed! 70 Klowns lookin foolish!”
    Or: “No. That stinky brown stuff’s NOT egg on my face … why do you ask?”
    Or: “We was butt-fucked on nationwide TV! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    Or: “We was just following orders.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I understand why the MSM does their garbage. What is horrifying is that they have a truly stupid/hate-filled audience.


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