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Media Falls In Love With New York’s Governor. Early Signs Of A Draft Cuomo Movement?

The fawning coverage was noticeable everywhere yesterday after Andrew Cuomo’s press conferences on how New York state is addressing the Wuhan flu. These emotional appearances have raised the governors national profile significantly.

A few examples of the media’s sudden infatuation: Here, Here and Here

Now John Fund in the “National Review” is speculating on whether there’s an actual movement to ditch Biden and run Cuomo for president this fall. Here

17 Comments on Media Falls In Love With New York’s Governor. Early Signs Of A Draft Cuomo Movement?

  1. Cuomo was on Hannity’s radio show last week. Sean was swooning like a teenage girl meeting her favorite celeb and asking the softest of softball questions. I almost threw up at one point.

  2. wds, hannity also did a poor job with de blasio awhile ago


  3. ABB FOR PRESIDENT!……anybody but Biden……

  4. Why are you still watching CNN Lite, I mean FOX.

  5. Yes there is. Niece on the west coast, very tied in to left pograms and politically active, has already made remarks to his running.

  6. My wife posited this just the other day. She’s a smart woman.

  7. I’m betting against it. I think not only does he like NY too much, but I think he knows he’d lose. President Trump is doing a superior job handling this (to be fair cuomo’s doing a fine job) but when the economy comes back after this, President Trump will get all the credit, rightfully so.

  8. Governor Edgewise Endlessly Bloviatiating Ocuomo. He may be best of a bad lot, but after he pushes Dementia Joe aside, the whole country will realize nobody can get a word in edgewise as long as he’s bloviating. And the Dementiacrats will soon understand that he’s not the magic negro. Ocuomo may make more sense than Obiden Bama, but he’s everything that makes sensible voters recoil in horror at his big government solution for every problem facing America.

  9. The media is all based in NYC. Coumo has said he wants all the ventilators sent to New York because it is the most important state. After they are through with them, the ventilators can be sent to we lesser subjects. So naturally, the NY-based media loves him for validating their own self-importance. Fuck Cuomo and fuck NY who voted this asshole into office..

  10. They do realize PRESIDENT Trump is responsible for the good things happening in New York City right now concerning all things COVID-19, right?

    They’re all too stupid to see they’re so stuck in a box.


  11. Our local paper’s SPORTSWRITER (?!) gave Andrew the Pious an absolute tongue bath on his handling of the virus here in the Peoples Republic of NY. Cuomo said “You cannot put a value on human life.” RUFKM??? YOU signed NYS law legalizing abortion til birth, yes? He’s now demanding ventilators, but he refused to buy enough ventilators to cover a pandemic, even while he had the funds back in 2015. Yesterday he said “We’re going to make it because I love NY, and I love NY because NY loves you. NY loves all of you”, except conservative Republicans who are pro traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns – they “have no place in the state of New York“. All the media crushing on him today make me want to puke.

  12. Bill Cunningham said Cuomo would be the dem nominee on his Sunday night radio show.

  13. Isn’t this the same Cuomo who set the time bomb at Fanny Freddie back when he was HUD sec. under Billy Blowjob? You know, the one that blew up just in time for the ’08 election?

    Maybe if he runs we can finally nail him for it.

    Though I still think the $18M Bloomers sent the DNC was to pay for a brokered convention.

  14. Very disappointing. I thought for sure they would dust off AlGore, a proven winner.

  15. The idiots in New York will of course let the media decide for them who their next governor will be. New Yorkers deserve everything they have and will get.

  16. Well, you know something has to be up. Even Democrats aren’t stupid enough to go with Biden.

  17. ah….Tim Burr. I get it. Was all excited for a second.


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