Media falsely spins Trump’s NYT climate comments

Trump to NYT warmist Tom Friedman: ‘A lot of smart people disagree with you’ on climate change.

Trump correctly cited the Climategate scandal: ‘They say they have science on one side but then they also have those horrible emails that were sent between scientists…Terrible. Where they got caught, you know, so you see that and you say, what’s this all about.’

The media spin on President Elect Donald J. Trump’s sit down with the New York Times on November 22, can only be described as dishonest. Trump appears to soften stance on climate change & Donald Trumpbackflips on climate change  & Trump on climate change in major U-turn

The ‘fake news’ that Trump had somehow moderated or changed his “global warming” views was not supported by the full transcript of the meeting.

Heartland Institute President Joe Bast had this to say about the full transcript of Trump’s meeting: “This is reassuring. The Left wants to drive wedges between Trump and his base by spinning anything he says as “retreating from campaign promises.” But expressing nuance and avoiding confrontation with determined foes who buy ink by the barrel is not retreating.” The Heartland Institute released their skeptical 2015 climate report featuring 4,000 peer-reviewed articles debunking the UN IPCC claims.

Trump’s climate science view that there is “some connectivity” between humans and climate is squarely a skeptical climate view. Trump explained, “There is some, something. It depends on how much.”

Trump’s views are shared by prominent skeptical scientists. University of London professor emeritus Philip Stott has said: “The fundamental point has always been this. Climate change is governed by hundreds of factors, or variables, and the very idea that we can manage climate change predictably by understanding and manipulating at the margins one politically selected factor (CO2) is as misguided as it gets.” “It’s scientific nonsense,” Stott added. Stott is featured in new skeptical climate change documentary Climate Hustle.

Scientists at the UN climate summit in Marrakech commended Trump’s climate views. See: Skeptical scientists crash UN climate summit, praise Trump for ‘bringing science back again’

[The rest is here, with transcript]

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  1. Did we expect anything else from the complicit media?

    Gee Wally, remember when we heard NOTHING about John Edwards cheating on his cancer-stricken wife until the new media forced the old media whores to report on it?

    Remember when we heard NOTHING about Anthony Wiener cheating on his wife until the new media forced the old media whores to report on it?

Remember when we heard NOTHING about Bill Clinton’s serial sexual assaults until the then-budding new media (Drudge and Lucianne!) forced the old media whores to report on it? And even then, all they did at first was make fun of those bringing the story forward, and ridiculing Clinton’s rape victims as whores or gold-diggers!

    Remember when we heard NOTHING about the Obamboozler’s past: no old girlfriends (boyfriends?), no interviews with those who knew him as a student, sealed records, no interest in his moral character, who was supporting and funding him, his associations with the likes of Bill Ayers and the race-pimp Revrum Jeramiah Wright? No records, no grades, no nuthin! 

Remember when the whole Fast and Furious Eric Holder debacle went down and the Mainstream media did not report on or even bother to investigate it!

    Remember what Jon Corzine did with BILLIONS of other people’s money. Yeah, neither do I!

    Yet they will gladly tell us about Romney’s LEGAL use of tax shelters in the Cayman islands with his OWN after-tax money and Trump of course is just a virtual whipping boy for their latest Poop-du-Jour propaganda!

    Yes, Complicit is the only term to use with these charlitans!

  2. I did read the transcript. The media is not reporting what Trump said nor what meaning a normal person might understand from his words.

    Less than 24 hours after his exclusive press conference with the NYT they are making things up, twisting Trump’s words, injecting misdirection.

    Not surprised. It is impossible to trust the NYT.

  3. Truth is everything affects everything. I cannot fart without affecting .0000000000000000000000000000001% of the climate. (It’s probably less.) The issue is that some asshole tyrant or bureaucracy of asshole tyrants wants to fine me for farting or take away my right to fart and then charge me for doing it.

  4. If you listen to the NYT “audio” on Drudge edited by NYT and compare it to the transcript you would think these were two different interviews.

    Dishonest, lying media.

    Whenever pundits call for Trump to stop tweeting, you know it’s to silence him so only their distortions get through.

  5. Ever since election, there has been a buzz in the air. So many things looking up, so much hope for our future. Best of all, even the libs I have to tolerate are bitching about the NYTs dishonesty. They now have to admit it’s been going on a long time and they’re no longer afraid to admit what they denied all those years. Raining like cats and dogs in Oregon and it’s still a byuuuuuutiful day.

  6. Trump could stop all of this and utterly crush the propaganda arm of the DNC by bringing his own crew to every meeting or interview and record everything, then post the recordings on YouTube. YT wouldn’t dare refuse and the public would quickly dump the liars and go direct to the source. Can you imagine the instant drop in revenue to all these lying liars if nobody bothered to look at their lies because they can’t deny they’re lying?

  7. Don’t forget the WAPO, equally dishonest. But they don’t care. They just got their asses kicked by the American people. They will huddle together this Thanksgiving day and commiserate with each other. Birds of a feather flocking (?) together. I hope Tom Wolfe comes out with a book on this election, better yet, a little audio book like “Ambush at Fort Bragg,” a monumental put-down on the Magyn Kelly type and leftist bullshit on TV.

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