Media Follows Through on UN’s Anti-Bacon B.S

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Moonbattery- As noted earlier, the United Nations, being run by Muslims and moonbats, has declared that bacon, ham, sausage, et cetera are as bad for your health as cigarettes. By a remarkable coincidence, most of these newly dangerous foods are pork products, forbidden under Islam. The Islamophile liberal establishment media has predictably gone to town with the story.


25 Comments on Media Follows Through on UN’s Anti-Bacon B.S

  1. Fact please.
    Funny how they show no facts or stats.
    And where is lunch meat, dyes in hamburger, pesticides in milk, veggies, fruit, etc, listed?? Their processing isn’t a whole heck of a lot better!!
    Oh yeah. They forgot about that.
    Typical progressives know-it-all’s.

  2. So much BS but then what do you expect from the UN. It’s become a sewer, a dumping ground for every tin pot dictators relatives or a pipeline for narcotics smuggling. Hell, even the terrorists have offices at the UN and I only wish that along the road there will exist a US President that politely tells these leeching anti-democracy assholes to get the hell out. Let some country in Africa deal with them. Problem is Canada is at least four years away from regaining it’s sanity (if then) so no support from here but then a Ted Cruz or maybe even a (said with a shudder) Donald Trump would go it alone and boot them out.

  3. Mmmmm, got the oven going right now, 7 strips of bacon on parchment paper at 400 degrees.

    In a few minutes I’ll start broiling the butter laden english muffins. When they’re done a healthy smear of peanut butter on one side then on goes 3.5 strips of bacon, finished with the other half. You could add something to that side like jelly or cream cheese, but I like just a healthy dose of peanut butter running out the sandwich.

  4. I can’t help but think there is some over arching web of intelligence directing this New World Order crap.
    It permeates the society.
    I’m going into the printing business.
    Targets with blue helmets in the center

  5. How about re-starting an old trend, like everyone getting pot bellied pigs as pets.

    Foul the ground everywhere and they might stay out!

    I went into an upper half of a duplex one time in the 80s to do some roach treatment. Used a key, no one was home. Well except for Arnold, the 250 lb hog that walked out of a rear bedroom and checked me out.

    I bet that place stayed Muslim free.

  6. Science proves that bacon is NOT good for you. We are trying to cure America of cancer and the science hating conservatives are doing their best, or should I say worst to stop us. Like they did with cigarettes.

  7. Next up: The WHO’s approved diet for the wageslave peasants of the world: bugs and weeds, and maybe Soylent Green someday.

    So the glorious leaders get to keep eating bacon and steaks.

  8. saw one on FB this morning. If they spent more time trying to cure cancer and less time worrying curing bacon the world would be better off.

  9. Should drive the price down … and you don’t need hog lard on your bullets – the filthy fucking ragheads are headed for Hell, anyway.

  10. May not need it, but it adds to the fun and excitement to see their reactions when you either tell them, or they find out on their own. hehehehehehe

  11. Oh my, that sounds like heaven. Bacon and peanut butter are wonderful combined. My mouth waters and I am full of envy.

  12. mmmm baconnn

    Hey, if libs really hated conservatives so much and pork products were actually killer food – wouldn’t libs encourage free bacon for all conservatives?

    I think it’s an idea whose time has come. (burp)

  13. Just gonna put it out there.
    1) Leviticus 11:7 forbids pork, and muslims (where the Koran teaches it too because Mohammed stole it from the Bible) teaches pig, is unclean, but don’t tell us Americans, we won’t stand for it!
    2) As a very observing consumer, have watched
    a rise the past 10-15 years on the push for in particular, bacon.
    3) Foresee bacon as a stepping stone, a culture,
    on the gradual abolishment of meat consumption, by slowly demonizing it.
    4) In such a world without eating meat from animals, would probably resort to cannibalism.
    Thank you for listening.

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