Media happy to leave ‘Bostonian of the Year’ out of fraud bust

Howie Carr Show-

Monica Cannon Who?

That’s pretty much the way this latest scandal in the Racism-Industrial Complex is being played out in the Boston media that made Monica Cannon-Grant (for that is indeed her name) a sort of local celebrity.

Nothing to see here, folks, they say now. Move along. For the first time in years, Monica Cannon-Grant is getting a good leaving-alone.

In case you missed it, and the amen chorus in the Boston media certainly hopes you did, her husband was lugged by the feds earlier this week at their new home in Taunton, far from the mean streets of Roxbury.

Clark Grant is charged with both mortgage and pandemic-relief fraud — allegedly ripping off a COVID unemployment program for $67,950 as well as claiming the cash accounts of his wife’s “non-profit” as his own personal piggy bank.

After the raid, Monica Cannon-Grant issued this statement on social media:

“I have not been and was not arrested or incarcerated.”

After which, she vanished from the internet.

Her Twitter handle, by the way, was @ProRockThrower. As in, glass houses, perhaps?

Please, I implore you, try not to let this destroy your faith in the integrity of the burgeoning race-hustler industry, not to mention the trust-funded legacies of the Boston media who are so gullible that they believe anything people like Monica Cannon-Grant tell them, as long as their new crushes scream and yell at them and throw in a few f-bombs for good measure. read more

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  1. The fawning vaudevillians over at msm are becoming more and more non-watched, non-believed, and pretty much irrelevant all around since the mega-rise of truthful conserv news delivery sites, channels, and platforms across the internet. Personally, I have banned-censored google, yahoo, nytimes, spectrum news, aol huffpo, and all other fake and left-wing ‘news’ systems and deliverers including their affiliates/accomplices from all electronics. Even duckduckgo has been scrubbing and minimizing searches to appease the lefty slobs.

  2. “No enemies on the Left.”

    Been the mantra for over 100 years – why change now?

    mortem tyrannis
    Fuck Joe Biden

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Why do they always wallow in theft and corruption? Are they programmed that way or do they feel entitled to anything not nailed down? They’re in the news for theft every time you turn around.


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