Media have literally scared people to death in DC

WaEx:Despite being a major city with heavy incoming and outgoing travel (especially to and from New York), Washington, D.C., has to date suffered very little from the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet thanks to the hysteria kicked up by the national media and Democrats, mostly for political purposes, it looks like a lot more people in the nation’s capital have died than ever had to.

D.C. Health Department Director Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt said this week that, looking at data between Jan. 1 through April 12, deaths in the district were up by 40% from last year. But among the excess deaths, less than half were related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Instead, people are dying at higher rates from heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and overdoses, according to WTOP. MORE

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  1. The media is complicit in these deaths, that includes fox,they hype the same numbers. Honestly fox has become unwatchable. They’re as bad as the rest.

  2. Having lived there it makes total sense. LaQuandry and Woofie Bowser are part of the “cancel culture.” Cancel out your life.

  3. There needs to be an ongoing graph of the people who’ve died of The Scare contrasted with the people who’ve actually died of this virus.

  4. The swamp is extensive. Thousands of DCers are thinking of doing many hard years in prison and their only hope is a demented basement dwelling doofus.

  5. Media has not only scared people out of their wits in DC. They scared a little old lady in Nowheresville NV. Who happens to be my 87 year old mother.
    I was supposed to visit last week but she urged me to postpone. Which I did. Reluctantly.

    Get this. She wasn’t worried about me carrying the Wuhan Red Death from VA to her. She was worried about the supposed spikes in cases and that I would carry the COVID1984 back to my bride.

    This was the moment that I calmed my dear mother down….and became a militant against the media.

  6. In addition to all the major panic-inducing (and -induced) Wuhan-Lite Flu diktats, there are a myriad minor things that add up to a Cat 797F load of shit.

    I ran into one of the “little things” today at the grocery store. I made a mistake and misread Mrs. Uncle’s handwriting on an item and realized only after I got home that I got the wrong flavor soup. I went back to Publix (5-minute drive) to return/exchange for the right stuff.

    Nope. Returns not allowed once an item leaves the store. Covid-19 Instant Death Bug, doncha know. The clerk was embarrassed to have to enforce the rule, and we had a moment commiseration about the gross over-reaction to what is a troublesome but not that serious viral disease.

    Just another turd in that Cat 797 load.

    edit add: the Publix policy is really dumb because infected people could easily pass off their viruses by touching stuff in the store. There’s nothing magically dangerous right outside the store doors.

  7. I do not count the residents of DC as persons. To me, they are clumps of cells.

    I don’t care if clumps of cells die.

    I have the same right to decide what constitutes a person as liberals do. And i say residents of DC are not persons. Neither are homosexuals.

  8. @PHenry – “…and became a militant against the media…”

    I’m sorry that the democrat mouthpiece “media” scared your mother like that. We’re up against a very powerful force. We used to joke about how irrelevant the media had become, but in reality, we were only fooling ourselves. Because we didn’t fully understand what a game-changing powerhouse Google, Facebook and Twitter were to the propaganda machine.

  9. “Because we didn’t fully understand what a game-changing powerhouse Google, Facebook and Twitter were to the propaganda machine.” -stirrin the pot

    Bullseye. All while truckin’ along for the last 20 years in our public schools.

  10. I am also reminded of a kindly old gentleman named Mac, that recently passed away from a variety of health issues.
    He loved his children and ADORED his grandchildren and spoke glowingly of them often.

    He was forced into isolation and died alone, not knowing that his family was working desperately to go see him. And were denied.

    How sick is that? Sweet old Mac died alone and his last thoughts must have been ‘why has my family abandoned me?’

    The thought of this times thousands drives me to tears.

    The pure evil of politicians and their coconspirators in media have inflicted in the desire for power…
    I am at a loss for words.

  11. PHenry, and all so that democrats might have a shot at installing their potted plant Joe Biden in the White House.

  12. In Spanglish we call that a LaQuandry.

    On a side note I blame my mothers death in 1996 on the media for scaring the crap out of her for years about expensive copays and inability to find a “primary” dr, etc during the HilaryCare debates. As a military wife whose spouse recently retired she was scared to death about going to the dr because she had never done it as an adult in the private sector and the news was so scary for so many years. Finally went but Had stage 4 cancer and fell into a coma and never woke up. I do blame the media bc she might have at least had a fighting chance. Nothing new under the sun unfortunately.

  13. Lumping all of fox withe the general media means that once Fox goes Left of Left that it will make no difference. Rush is ill and we will lose him too…Google et al will shut down what remains of Truth and Sanity…The Propaganda is extreme, it is blunt yet often sophisticated and about half of the population either cannot alone spot Reality enough to avoid living in a contrived world or is behind the effort to wipe out the past, fashion the Now into their narrative and thereby control the future. So, be kind to Fox while it still has some merit…because we are approaching a time where you can own a gun but if anyone sees it you will lose your job, your customers, your children will be taken in order to save them and placed in an Antifa home, your belongings destroyed, you will be jailed for Hate as proven by your voting records, the IRS will put you on the street, you will , if White, be last to get medications and your neighbors will be Happy at your misery because you are a Racist..Once Fox finishes its Transition into a Communist propaganda organ, you will miss it but it will not matter…Just this week, we heard the Nihilist Pelosi brag that Statues mean nothing to her but what does matter is what other Nihilists (who else could she be referring to) have accomplished. We are closer to Revolution or Death than we seem to know. Name Senators who have come out and spoken the Truth as to what Antifablm really is trying to do ? Pelosi can sayTreason with ease, has done so just this week twice, but a Republican is ‘Troubled”. Trump has amazed me that he has been out there for almost four years trying to save America and we now ask, ‘what will a Biden Presidency be like?’. The Republic will die, the Empire will begin and all of you Existentialists will adapt, settle, compromise until you are ratcheted down into a bug..and you are mad at Fox..

  14. Wonder how many sane intelligent conservatives the media has scared to death? My guess would be none but the media does scare me. Not because of what they say but because of their ability to lead legions of useful (to them) idiots around by the nose. If they kill some along the way, no big deal. Some of the dead may serve as martyrs and they’ll definitely be reliable democratic voters.

  15. I may have mentioned it here before, forgive me if I have. When this all started, one of my patients passed of a heart attack. 97. Obviously natural causes. Another one of my patients lived in same facility and was besties with the one who passed.

    She watched CNN ’round the clock.

    In true little old lady fashion she developed a UTI shortly thereafter (she got them monthly) and some UTI psychosis. In her delirium, her line of thinking became “Ruby is dead, the TV talks about this virus, I feel sick, I have it, I gave it to Ruby and killed her.” Refused medications except for begging me to give her the shot to end it all. When I told her it didnt work like that, she stated her intentions and VSED’d…. Voluntarily Stopped Eating and Drinking.

    I wish there were a way we could hold the media accountable. She is but one of many of my people. I have had no one infected with COVID but many have curled up in a ball and die of despair from missing their families.

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