Media ignoring the utter weirdness of Biden’s Nantucket stay at a billionaire’s estate


By Thomas Lifson

Normally, when going to stay at a friend’s house, etiquette requires bringing a gift – say, flowers, some wine, or something to eat. But what about the strange circumstances Joe and Dr. Jill Biden face while staying at the Nantucket estate of multi-billionaire hedge fund founder David Rubenstein? It’s a really, really long (since Tuesday night) weekend stay, so one might wonder if Benjamin Franklin’s famous aphorism, that guests, like fish, start to smell after 3 days, comes into play. But nope, not a chance.

You see, while “visiting” their “friend’s” estate, Joe and Dr. Jill are not going to see the Rubensteins at all. They’ve cleared out. Traveling overseas, doncha know. I very much doubt that they had booked a non-refundable airfare when Joe’s staff called up and asked about “visiting” over Thanksgiving weekend. They no doubt have at least one private jet at their disposal. So, they cleared out of their estate to make room for Mr. and Dr. POTUS. How thoughtful!

But isn’t that what Airbnb and VRBO are for?

I don’t know what a lavish multi-room estate on Nantucket would rent for on those sites, but it has to be a substantial sum per night.  So, doesn’t this amount to a lavish gift to a sitting president, one worth many thousands of dollars? more

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  1. I guess we could talk about all the crimes democRATz commit that the media (and now the judiciary) turn a blind eye to as well, like Jackass Joe, Hunter Biden, the entire Biden family, the Clintons, etc. Where’s Hunter’s laptop??
    For that matter where Weiner’s laptop???
    The Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media only report what their democRAT masters tell them to!

  2. The Rubensteins are going to regret this when they return to find Joe had shit the bed in each and every bedroom of the house.

  3. Oh come on,Jill was with him, diaper was changed regularly & he had on the rubber undees while in the hot tub. Just to play on it safe the water was changed.

  4. Joe is just getting his 10% of Rubinstein wealth that he’s owed due to contractor kickbacks and whatnot earned during his terms in congress.

    Move along, no questions, move along…

  5. So who had to get up extra early to dispose of the Bed Pisser’s Sheets & Mattress?
    Dr. Jill is far TOO educated for that type of work.

  6. He was there to receive a transplant. Who knows how many China-men had to be killed for “donors”.. Pick a organ, FJB needs most of them.

  7. I can’t imagine anyone in America worse than ultra-rich dumpocraps. They are supporting, with their millions, what they hope to be the downfall of our country.

  8. is that guy related to Helena Rubenstein?
    Did you hear what happened to Helena Rubenstein?
    Max Factor

    yeah, that one’s gotta be well over 50 years old

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else see the utter hypocrisy of the husk, the good doctor & the rest of their grifting family? He (Biden) is always & I mean ALWAYS bitching about how terrible billionaire’s are, yet he & the good doctor will take over the house as “guests” while the owners are traveling. If Biden were even remotely honest, they could have stayed in a shack somewhere in Appalachia. They could have worked in a coal mine & learned what it is like to earn an honest living, instead of being nothing but thieving leech’s their entire, worthless lives.

  10. I dunno, but maybe, It’s possible the property owner could be charged with aiding and abetting an enemy of the people.

    I would.


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