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Media in America Least Trusted on Earth


According to a massive survey that looked at the state of media all across the world, America has the least-trusted media on Planet Earth. More

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  1. It’s absolutely amazing to me that they learned nothing during or after Trump.

    I thank God that our REAL POTUS put these assholes under the spotlight for 4++ years.

    Keep on keeping on, LSM!

  2. In the mid 1980’s, with great fanfare The News Tribune, which I refer to as The News Buffoon, moved into palatial new campus that features a state of the art printing plant, gymnasiums, opulent dining and meeting rooms and offices anyone would be proud of. By the early 1990’s they had morphed from left leaning to being an out and proud leftist propaganda mill and their circulation started to decline. One would think that someone in the decision chain might care to listen to Tacoma residents who the staff met at sporting events, shopping centers, events, etc who were saying they weren’t interested in the free introductory subscription because they were sick and tired of being belittled and/or insulted. During this time the City was their largest source of revenue, paying for column inches to print public notices in. Being as the City of Tacoma government is and has been occupied by hard leftists who are primarily motivated by envy of Seattle, and without fail were endorsed by The News Buffoon, the “news” was more or less signed of on by the powers that be, if not actually drafted at City Hall. Yup, that’s how we ended up with a Police Chief who murdered his wife. The Frugal Gourmet being allowed to molest teen age boys and that was common knowledge as far back as I can remember. Those are just two of the better known scandals here in the home turf of the popular show, I think it was called Cops. I don’t watch TV.

    So, you can imaging my chagrin whenever I see the filthy little reprobate Matt Driscoll, the worst example of fake news in the State when I ask him the same question I ask every time I see him. So, how’s that new office, in the windowless shipping and receiving room behind what was a strip mall tennis shoe store?

  3. I think biden’s trying to beat them to the bottom.

  4. The result of a collective effort between academia cranking out left wing Fake News journalists and big money Democrat donors bribing the top management of the Fake News broadcast networks to publish propaganda.
    People like Soros are many.

  5. it’s tough when you are are cheating, lying, grobiden-faggot assholes

  6. I have paid little or no attention to the lamestream media since the mid to late 80’s when I was in my 30’s. I don’t even bother to read my local news rag the Spokesman Review anymore ($2 for a daily newspaper is outrageous) and very little attention to local news except for sports and weather and traffic reports in the morning. I can think for myself and don’t need or want the news filtered thru the perverted and sick minds of left-wing hacks. Maybe it’s because I am older and wiser now and don’t believe a damn word the lamestream media has to say about anything anymore.

  7. Not just earth! Even the aliens from space don’t trust them!

  8. Only fools trust liars.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I trust the old tabloid the Weekly World News and The Irrational Enquirer far more than I do the lamestream media. Bring back Batboy. At least I could laugh at those outrageous tabloids, the lamestream media not so much because they lie about everything.


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