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Media Knives Come Out For Dr. Scott Atlas


Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfield told a colleague Friday “Dr. Scott Atlas is arming Trump with misleading data” about COVID-19, claimed NBC News political reporter Monica Alba in a Monday article.

Within hours of NBC posting its story, numerous ideologically allied outlets had amplified it. More

4 Comments on Media Knives Come Out For Dr. Scott Atlas

  1. “There is often so much politics in medicine that being right can actually get you into trouble” – Lies My Doctor Told Me.

    The Wuhan virus, correct response policies, and best treatment is infected with more politics than most illnesses.

    During the “debate” Joe harped about following the science about Wuhan virus. Problem is the Wuhan virus science is influenced as much by politics as global warming science. Some is outright fraud. Some of it is equally bright people having a different understanding of the science research results. Both can’t be correct.

    I think Dr Atlas may be right and Dr Fauci & Dr Redfield may be wrong. People who try to silence opposing views in science research are not doing proper science. Proper science is proving the opposing view is wrong, and your view is correct. Dr Redfield hasn’t proven Dr. Atlas is wrong.

  2. I have lost track of how many times the Fauci Weasel has backtracked on how we should handle this virus fraud. You are known by the company you keep and anyone who is a friend of Bill Gates is not a friend of mine or the country’s He stand to gain financially if this hoax is kept going and a vaccine is pushed down our throats.

  3. It seems to me that since all of the facts and evidence so far refute Fauci and Redfield, they and the media are reduced to name calling and censorship. That’s all they have. They don’t even try to do anything but gaslight the American people.

  4. I think one of the big problems in admitting that this epidemic was handled all wrong and caused widespread economic devastation along with needless loss of life and incredible suffering is that the blame will land on the politicians regardless of whether that’s fair or not. As a result no politician is going to own up and admit he picked the wrong advisors, listened to the wrong advice and ignored those who were actually correct (this Dr Atlas for one and scores of others). I suspect that Trump would be the only leader who would actually step up to the plate on this one but he’s in the middle of an election and doing that at this time could be fatal. I hope that after he’s elected and that the GOP takes both houses he will create a commission to investigate the source of the virus as well as the actions of the government at all levels that include the advisors as well as those that advised against border closing, quarantine, social distancing etc etc and who were ignored or attacked by the media.

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