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Media ‘punked’ at Delaware airport, waiting for new round of DeSantis immigrants


Badly stung by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ brilliant idea to drop two planeloads of illegal immigrants in swanky Martha’s Vineyard last week, the media swarmed over rumors that more migrants were headed to President Biden’s home state of Delaware, flocking to the airport to greet them but being left with egg dripping from their faces when nobody showed up.

The official purveyors of disinformation have been having fits after DeSantis succeeded in putting the nation’s border crisis back in the headlines mere weeks before the crucial midterm elections that will determine whether Democrats can maintain their one-party rule over the government, sending the migrants to the wealthy elite’s very special island and suggesting that he could similarly drop off more of the unwelcome guests in other prime locations.

So when Twitter rumors emerged of a flight from Texas to an airport near President Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, mainstream media outlets pounced, alerting viewers and readers of the grave injustice to the migrants by the Sunshine State Republican. more here

7 Comments on Media ‘punked’ at Delaware airport, waiting for new round of DeSantis immigrants

  1. nice to see some members of the GOP get it and play the games the DNC does all the time…….own the stupid media and continue to expose them for the pure 100% frauds they are…as well as he Democrats who are the biggest hypocrites on earth. BRILLIANT!

  2. We have Talk Like A Pirate Day.
    Why not Fcuk With The Media Day!
    (and it doesn’t have to be once a year!)

  3. Ought to dump a batch at the white house too. Puke a bunch out at union station. There’s room on the ellipse as well. The Pelosi’s vineyard(s) would be good for several hundred. I don’t know where Chuckie Schumer lives but someone does, drop a batch there also.

  4. I’m all for dropping them around the country, I just don’t think the busses or airplanes should stop to do so…

    Based on the homeless problems here in WA-wa, we already have enough people doing the crime and trashing the community “job”….

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