Media refusing to report that Cape Cod covid outbreak occurred in major LGBT hotspot known for casual homosexual “hookups”

(Natural News) You know that large “outbreak” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in Cape Cod, Mass., that the mainstream media has been using as political fodder to push for more mask mandates and possibly “vaccine” mandates? It turns out that the resort where it broke out is a homosexual mecca where LGBT males routinely hook up for casual sexual encounters.

Most people have no clue about this because the corporate talking-heads are deliberately shrouding the truth about Provincetown from the masses, pretending as though Chinese Germs just up and started spreading in this one specific area along the eastern coastline while avoiding all others.

None of the family-oriented resort towns in New England have experienced any such Chinese Virus outbreaks – only this one, thanks to the promiscuous behavior that takes place there, especially during this time of year.

The only thing the fake news media has been saying about the Provincetown Fauci Flu outbreak is that it occurred among people “attending densely packed indoor and outdoor events at venues that included bars, restaurants, guest houses, and rental homes.” MORE

h/t Joe6Pak.

23 Comments on Media refusing to report that Cape Cod covid outbreak occurred in major LGBT hotspot known for casual homosexual “hookups”

  1. It’s hard to imagine that promiscuous gay sex with strangers could lead to problems. I don’t think that this has ever happened before.

  2. On a related note, has anyone noticed the AIDS drug commercial running during the Olympics? Several gay couples, including a transgender she beast, walking hand in hand on the beach telling everyone that it is now OK to punch each other in the seat because there is a drug for that.

    In the middle 1980’s, during early onset of the AIDS crisis, I did my first 3 years working West Hollywood. Back then there were more gays per square mile in WH than SF, what an education. Did it slow them down or cause consideration for using condoms? Nope.

  3. Beachmom is right about P’town. Promiscuous faggots packed to the rafters.

    I lived on the Cape. Provincetown is filled with wharf queers.

    Wharf queer is a step below normal homos.

    Can I say that?

  4. But most of Cape Cod is filled with good people. I enjoyed the upper Cape and it’s many fine working class and small Biz owners.

  5. We express our love as we were born to so y’all need to back right up outta our azz. Or not! *giggle*

  6. That’s funny, Cape Cod (hotbed of homosexuality) is just a stone’s throw from Martha’s Vineyard. Didn’t someone famous just recently buy a big place there?

  7. “LGBT males” Can’t we just call them fudgepackers?

    “attending densely packed indoor and outdoor events” Sounds like fudgepacking to me!

  8. In the 80’s a Christian singer did a satire using “Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”. He did “Don’t…..Homos”.

    Mommas don’t let your sons grow to be homos.
    Don’t let ’em wear lipstick and carry a purse.
    Let ’em chase women, drink whiskey and curse.

    Mommas don’t let your sons grow up to be homos.
    They’re never at home they’re always in mens rooms lookin for someone to love.


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