Media Shames Kavanaugh For … Well, They Have Nothing


Activists have already geared up in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but they’ve been unable to dig up any significant dirt thus far.

Pro-choice group NARAL kicked off the attacks on Kavanaugh, Trump’s pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, by making fun of his first name. According to NARAL, “Brett” is more fitting for a frat boy than a Supreme Court justice.  MORE


16 Comments on Media Shames Kavanaugh For … Well, They Have Nothing

  1. Give them time. They will find one of his 4th grade classmates to tell how he once pulled a girls pigtails, thus revealing his misogynistic tendencies!

  2. Racked up thousands of dollars on HIS credit card?
    Did he default on that debt? No?
    This is the very definition of L-A-M-E!

  3. Perhaps part of the choice was the fact that there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to berate or get him on, even though the other top three had very little to “Bork” them on.

    They seem to have nothing and that in of itself has to be frustrating, but warm and fuzzy for us.

  4. I can’t begin to imagine the corruption and sedition the press would have uncovered if they worked half this hard vetting that half breed obama.

  5. Well, maybe he didn’t do anything, but there has to be something he didn’t do to stop somebody from doing something.

  6. Gotta admit “Brett” is a strange name for a Kavanaugh. I went to school with two Kavanaugh brothers, Sean and Padraig.
    Could it be than Mom and Dad were Brett Favre fans? You know, like Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary? I don’t know where I’m going with this but I’m sure the Libtards will come up with something other than Brett being a spendtrift who likes beer. Go Brett, Go!

    Old_oaks. Favre is the only Brett I know.

  7. The Left doesn’t care what the man’s view is on the Constitution, The Rule of Law, or the foundations of Liberty, they only care what he thinks about Leftist Social Issues. They’re going to climb up this guy’s ass in a way we’ve never seen before because the Left is utterly desperate and unhinged in a way we’ve never seen before. I expect to see former classmates, from kindergarten through college, trotted out on CNN to tell us what kind of person Brett was. Some woman will come forth and reveal that Brett pulled her hair on the playground in 3rd grade. A college acquaintance will claim Brett took part in some bizarre hazing rituals. We already know he “mouthed” the word “Bitch” when referring to Hillary. Expect that to come up.

    I would imagine his wife and kids are under heavy security and likely choosing to stay inside the house until it’s all over. Whatever that means.

  8. Driving into work this morning I listened to far left radio to see what their tiny heads were exploding about today. Sure enough it was Brett and what must be a gambling addiction and massive debt he has ran up and how he can’t afford to send his kids to college or some shit like that.
    Now that I have read this I am laughing my ass off. They got nothing, not a thing on this guy. It really is fun to listen to them foam at the mouth but I caution all that listen to them, take it in small doses and then find a conservative station so normalcy can return to your mind.

    I don’t allow popcorn in my truck, I may have to rethink that.

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