Media Still Doesn’t Realize Who They’re Dealing With

DMF: We’ve spent the last few days (and probably will most of this coming week) watching the usual suspects in the media as they attempted to knock down or explain away Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims. What I suspect the media doesn’t understand is Donald Trump is playing a different game, a game using their own rules against them.

Let’s start with the key word “legally.” They keep going over the ways Obama could have wiretapped Trump in a legal manner. Who said anything about legal? Donald J. Trump has never said that Obama wiretapped him legally. It’s funny to see the way the useful idiots talking heads all blow past this point as if this d!ck Obama was beyond something like that.  MORE

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  1. I get the biggest laugh when these assholes keep blathering on and on that Obama “couldn’t” have ordered wiretaps/surveillance ‘cuz “it’s illegal”. Said with a straight face!

  2. Hell, 0bama spied on Merkel and other foreign leaders! 0bama dropped Hell Fire missiles on American citizens without due process and lied about the murder of an ambassador and part of his security team. Why is anyone surprised that he illegally wiretapped Trump?

  3. Now, Oil Field Trash, you know that President Obama didn’t drop any missiles on anybody. He didn’t even work the joystick to steer the drones. And anybody who does kill Americans for mouthing off, is a loyal defender of The Constitution, who’s just following orders. See? Everybody’s intentions are good!

  4. Like Salena Zito said, they take Trump literally, but not seriously. We take him seriously, but not literally. The left always gets lost in the forest of legalism in their flight from morality.

  5. Of course he was spied on. Most of us are in one form or another. Proving it though may be difficult.

  6. I agree, Navigator. Scott Adams say that we now find ourselves facing these two facts:

    “1. President Trump is the world’s biggest liar (according to his foes).

    2. President Trump now has direct access to more national secrets than any other living human.”

    …but I think Scott forgot about this…

    “For the first time in history, U.S intelligence operatives are withholding intel from the White House because they believe that Russia will be relayed any information they tell President trump and his administration. Trump has lost the trust of senior intelligence officials by openly criticizing the FBI…”

  7. Thirdtwin, when one of my duties was to serve in CIC (combat information center) on my ship (over 20 years ago) some of my shipmates would listen in on private cell phone conversations, before everybody had cell phones. It’s been going on for a very long time. It’s worse now. Liberals are either delusional or lying when they say he wasn’t “wire tapped”. Sadly, before Trump can really move on to MAGA, he needs to drain the swamp. I’m glad he took Limbaugh’s advice and got on the offense instead of being so defensive.

  8. I used to purchase cell phone intercept equipment for our narcotics detectives. It was rather pricey back then.

    Turn your cell phone into a microphone recorder? No problemo.

  9. We now know that Obama/Media/DNC colluded to rig the US election and that there is not one scintilla of proof that Trump colluded with the Russians.

    Where is the outrage now that we know who the real culprits are?

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