Media Tries To Help Dems Change The Subject

While the caravan of the uninvited continues its way north, the MSM has apparently received instruction from the Democrat party to drop the issue and switch to health care.


The redirection is probably because the president is handling the invasion of the minimum wage job snatchers forcefully. Illegal immigration has turned into a loser for the left, so now they need to try to bribe voters. They can’t promise tax cuts or economic performance, so why not Medicare for all, it worked for Bernie Sanders. More 

Actually, their timing couldn’t be worse, enrollment for Obamacare starts today. Given that they’ll be lucky if the program doesn’t shrink further, this probably isn’t something the Dems want to talk about, either. Here 

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  1. Yesah, I was wondering why the news talking heads keep pushing this preexisting conditions health care as number one concern of voters. Seemed suspicious.

  2. Peter K… and why don’t the repubs ever take advantage of these situations to throw this back in their faces. There is so much ammo left in the ammo box. No wonder they lose so many elections.

  3. With the 2019 increase my individual insurance has gone up 217% over 6 years, an average of 21% per year compounded. My deductible has gone up as well, and I have hit it a couple of times because of surgeries. And my insurer, Anthem/Blue Cross, dropped all individual coverage last year so I had to switch to Blue Shield. I have kept my doctor though.
    0bamacare sucks.

  4. LC Dan, I haven’t sat down to do the math, but I suspect mine has increased about the same, along with some other coworkers. More than eating up my last couple of raises AND the tax cut.

  5. Conservatives: I don’t want the government to give me things. Just make policies that let people create JOBS, so more people can get JOBS and earn their way. Oh, and let me keep most of what I earn.

    Liberals: I want the government to give me things.


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