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Media Verify that “Largely Peaceful Protest” Breakout in Atlanta

Red State

Saturday night brought rioting by Antifa people attacking police targets in Atlanta.

Now, the night started with a protest against the police, in the memory of one of their comrades, Manuel Teran. Teran had been shot and killed by the police after he allegedly shot a cop, when police came to clear protesters out of an area they had been occupying where the city is constructing a police training center. The radicals have had several people, in multiple incidents, arrested for domestic terrorism at the site, including for throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. Continues

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  1. Start putting dead or alive bounties on these human skid marks, and the antifags will vanish back under the rocks they slithered out from under in record time. They are all a bunch of cowards unless they outnumber their victims, then they are fearless.

  2. ^^^ Start doing SOMETHING instead of just sitting around on our asses watching it all happen like a bad fukkin TV show!!

  3. “Teran had been shot and killed by the police” The Police should just re-word it, something like, While officers were peacefully policing Mr. Teran was killed.

  4. Ultimately we need to invoke my “Citizens Justice League” idea. The new law of the land. There will be justice Mr FBI.
    I’m a comedian.

  5. aleon – It is a puzzle piece that seems to fit perfectly especially considering that J6 was instigated by the Pelosi “Police”!

  6. ^ And the payout routes to BLM and Antifa protesters are very… conveniently ‘circuitous,’ which is often spelled “G e o r g e S O R O S” but which can also be abbreviated with any of the following mnemonics:

    (and many others)


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