Medical Examiner: No Evidence George Floyd Died Of Strangulation; ‘Underlying Conditions,’ ‘Potential Intoxicants’ Likely Factors

You think cities are burning now? Wait’ll the cop is exonerated. They may be thinking of sacrificing this guy whether he’s innocent or not.


On Friday, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner issued a report saying a preliminary autopsy showed no evidence that George Floyd died of strangulation and traumatic asphyxia.

Floyd’s arrest was captured on video and went viral earlier this week. During the incident, at least one officer is seen kneeling on the 46-year-old’s neck while Floyd repeatedly tells him he can’t breath. Floyd died soon following the arrest.


39 Comments on Medical Examiner: No Evidence George Floyd Died Of Strangulation; ‘Underlying Conditions,’ ‘Potential Intoxicants’ Likely Factors

  1. The cop was arrested…why are these thugs still rioting and looting??? Isn’t this what they wanted??? Now we see footage of these thugs threatening to attack the suburbs??? Bring it on fuckers…you will be shot and killed on sight. WE ARE DONE. READY FOR CIVIL WAR 2.

  2. And the press jumps the gun again,and cities burn.
    Just like President Trump is a Russian.
    Stir up the shit and see what sticks.
    They are pulling out all the stops, they do not care.
    We are having a “Protest” here in Seattle Saturday, just watch Antifa will be out after dark breaking windows.

  3. So what, Mr. Floyd may have had a drink or two before the dust up with the cops. One thing for sure, the cop had a smirk on his face and I would have loved slapping it off while he was kneeing Floyd.

  4. The cops have pulled out, and cities are burning. If these thugs aren’t getting arrested, then we need to shoot them, and not worried about getting arrested…these thugs are all Bernie bros who could care less about Floyd, but are just using this crisis as an opportunity to loot, burn, steal, and go home in a few days…they dont care about Floyd…sad.

  5. The shutdowns had nothing to do with “public safety” and these “spontaneous” riots have nothing to do with white cops killing a black man. Think about the extent “they” went through to over-throw the duly elected president and what’s left of the Republic.

    Think outside the box–They will never sleep, they will never quit.

    Stay aware, stay prepared. This thing is far from over!!

  6. Why are these thugs raiding liquor stores right now??? I thought they just wanted to protest??? Are you all watching the news right now??? These thugs are raiding liquor stores and getting drunk!!! Sick of this shit…and the cops have all gone home. SHOOT THESE FUCKING THUGS!!!

  7. “No Evidence George Floyd Died Of Strangulation”…

    LIE. It looks like there’s a massive counterfeiting and/or money-laundering operation, for which the foreign-owned/invested club at which both Floyd and Chauvin worked was a front. And it looks like this has been going on for years and local police and Democrat politicos in this, Ilhan Omar’s district, are involved. An organized crime hit. And not Chauvin’s first one. (What happened — did Floyd, who apparently worked at the place for only a year or so, versus 17 years for Chauvin, for whom being a cop was apparently his side job, find out something and need to be silenced?)

  8. The Governor is too vested as is the DA of Hennipen County. The Show trial will proceed on schedule the the 4 will be found guilty as planned.

    If I were working for the defense I’d have the paper work filled out already and submitted for a change of venue. I’d be asking for the most Hillbilly or Cowboy dense county in the Country. Something like Tishamingo Oklahoma. Some place riot proof so should they come back with a “not guilty” they can go home, pop the pop corn and enjoy the show on cable news.

  9. silly question alert: does anyone believe that if it wasn’t for the intervention of the cop kneeing on his neck, for almost 9 minutes, was not a ‘contributing factor’ …. a major ‘contributing factor in this man’s death?

    which leads to silly question #2: if the cop didn’t kneel on his neck, for almost 9 minutes, would there be a very, very, very good chance this man would be alive the next day?

    …. I rest my case, your Honor

    (& yes, this has nothing to do w/ the Race Baiters, the Asshole Anarchists & the feral hood rats posing for the corrupt media, rioting & looting on que)

  10. Bad Brad, way ahead of you, brother. I dont live in the burbs or the city, but on a rural farm 1 hour north of Indianapolis…but my neighbors and I are locked, loaded, and ready to shoot these fuckers on sight. That fucking cop was wrong, but if these thugs want a war, bring it on. I promise we wont put our knee on their necks…we will just put a 12 gauge round through their center mass. Bring on civil war 2.

  11. A short story to illustrate why Mr. Floyd’s underlying medical condition is somewhat irrelevant. If a guy decides to end it all and downs 10 sleeping pills with a bottle of whisky it will take awhile for everything to reach his blood and kill him. If in the interval before he dies, a burglar breaks in and kills him, the burglar cannot claim immunity because of the guy’s impending death from suicide. Likewise, the cop can still be guilty even if Mr. Floyd was unhealthy and intoxicated.

  12. No one gives a shit about this guy. The obama-shit on the streets want to loot, and the obama-shit inciting them want power.

  13. Floyd shouldn’t have died…period. as a retired cop, I stand by that. My prayers go out to his family. We should be united, and stand together…but these fucking thugs who are burning down our cities should just be shot on sight…all they care about is getting on tv, youtube, and getting free money. In the meantime, they are more than happy to steal, burn, loot, riot, kill, get drunk, and poison our society…in my opinion, they need to be shot, and I dont mean with rubber bullets.

  14. The smell of liberal cities burning in the morning is awesome-apocalypse right now

  15. I don’t want to wake up in the morning to see that these violent leftards have burned down the National Archives while I’ve been asleep.

    No doubt our national monuments like Independence Hall etc… are on AntiFa’s hit list.

  16. ME is a White guy, do they’ll just call him rayciss and go loot a Footlocker to celebrate.

    They were looting in Cincinnati tonight, busting windows in the Court House and stealing bicycles. Bunch of assholes, Black guys in do rags and White girls looking to burn some coal later, but plenty of Antifa White soyboi types in there pointing sail fones at the Police, trying to stir shit and calling Black cops niggers. Very passionate Black City Council member, the only conservative in the bunch was also the only one actively trying to calm things down, reason with the crowd, and point out things like the Cincinnati businesses probably won’t come back if they lose to looting what they didn’t lose to Covid. He also was in tears of rage that Antifa was pushing 14 year old kids forward to throw bricks at the cops, and let fly some F bombs live on local broadcast news. I like the guy, he made sense.

    Alas, he was a voice in the wilderness. It’s too much fun to kneel in the street for the cameras, steal shit you don’t need, and blow pot smoke in a riot cop’s face knowing Black Privilege protects you. And God Bless those cops for exercising hella restraint, although I’m sure it’s partly because they remember the 2001 riots when the Cincinnati City Council joyfully stabbed them repeatedly in the back and then told them they can only arrest White people.

    Under other circumstances this would almost be funny, with the Schadenfreunde coming from the urban hipster liberal businesses being raided, but the threats to Whitey aint funny at ALL.

    Kneeling for 9 minutes on a man’s neck is wrong. We can all stipulate to that.

    But it has 0 to do with police officers 3 states away or smoke shops already closed for Covid. Our cops haven’t killed ANYONE, but they damn sure SHOULD be.

    Also, on Covid? Few masks and absolutely NO social distancing here. Pretty much let THAT shit go with both hands.

    I’m some distance away, but very cognizant that they’ve been tweeting about attacking Whitey outside of the City. Rifles, shotguns, handguns all loaded and Class 1, with extra mags/speedloaders good to go too. Bayonet on the SKS deployed, numerous edged weapons salted around as well. So far, though, the lazy seems to be winning and they are content to loot for the cameras down there, but we’ll see. Anything that comes in here won’t be viable for very long.

    Say a prayer for our President. I think the whole thing was a DELIBERATE, very public, police murder of a Black man staged SPECIFICALLY to take the Black vote back from Trump, take the spotlight off Barrygate and pending indictments, tie up the DOJ in yet another foregone conclusion case that will be spun all ways to make the President look bad, and also distract from the Covidlies and make another conduit to give free money to Blue cities “or you’re a rayciss”.

    Well played, soros. Give the devil his due, it’s working like a treat for him…

  17. Ephesians 6:12

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Pray against and for the death of the wickedness behind the chaos…

  18. With all the public statements by officials proclaiming prejudged guilt and murder coupled with inconclusive coroner findings, a change of venue and acquittal on murder is likely.

    The screams from officials for a speedy trial and verdict smacks of lynching and only prejudices the chances of conviction.

    I also see a cabal plan to use this incident to distract, it was Soros who funded riots and terrorism in Ferguson and paid outside agitators to sow violence and chaos. Same thing here.

    Soros has flying squads of militants ready to deploy nationwide on a moment’s notice.

    Now the race hustling corrupt black leadership is mobilizing to stir up race wars nationwide. This serves as a big distraction from declassification and shields the Kenyan from attention.

    It also drives a huge wedge between the President and black Americans so it’s part of the plan. If any verdict other than guilty of 1st degree murder is found cities will burn, preferably before November.

    Demonrats as usual are loving this crisis and will milk racial animosity of every drop. It’s what they do, and alas blacks will cooperate en masse with the playbook of destroying their own neighborhoods and ensuring continuous racial inequality and inequity by their own self destructive actions.

    The system is systemically racist because Demonrats have owned the system in these urban areas for 70 years and most blacks have never recognised they traded one form of slavery for another.

  19. And Epstein hung himself. And the body has been cremated.
    And there is nothing to see here, go home.

  20. Floyd couldn’t breathe. He coughed. Classic signs of covid 19. The cdc said if those signs were displayed, call it a covid 19 death.

    The death numbers are a scam. The cases are a scam. Everything is a scam. 
    Tanzania coronavirus kits raise suspicion after goat and pawpaw test positive
    Covid-19 test kits in Tanzania have raised suspicion after samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw fruit came back with positive results, as the president said there were “technical errors”. 
    He said that in order to evaluate the quality of the kits, Tanzanian security forces randomly obtained non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep. The random samples were assigned human names and ages, and sent to a laboratory to test for coronavirus.
    Lab technicians were deliberately not informed about the origins of the samples. The pawpaw and goat samples tested positive for Covid-19, said Mr Magufuli.The president said the faulty kits meant some people were testing positive for coronavirus without actually being infected, reported Reuters.

     Researchers can babble for hours about their vaunted diagnostic test, the PCR. However, the simple truth is, a crucial piece of the test has never been vetted. The test has never been tested in the real world outside the lab.I have written about this extensively. Using a little guideline called SCIENCE, you would “test the test” by lining up, say, a thousand patients, some healthy, some sick from a supposed virus. Any virus. Tissue samples would be taken from each patient.PCR mavens would run these samples through their equipment, reporting which patients show what they call high “viral load.”This means: these particular patients have millions and millions of virus actively replicating in their bodies, and they will be unmistakably and visibly sick.The PCR princes would then announce, “Patients 3,45,65,76,132…are all definitely sick.”Now we un-blind the study and see what’s what and who’s who. Are these designated patients ill or are they running marathons? That’s called simple scientific method. Not technical gobbledygook.This chunk of research has never been done. It never will be done. It’s too real. Too naked. Proponents of the PCR would have too much to lose, if their assessments of who are healthy and who are sick turned out to be absurdly wrong, and their arcane technical rhetoric about the PCR ended up being useless gibberish.” 

    Gunshot victims being counted as virus deaths and total cases of the virus being flogged to the public by tests that do not have real science behind them.  

  21. Let’s not conflate the issues here.

    The cop keeping his knee on that guy for so long was wrong.

    His fellow officers allowing it were wrong.

    The rioting looters are wrong.

    The leftist mayors promoting the rioting as a get out the vote drive in an election year are wrong.

    The media lying about these being peaceful riots are wrong.

    We need police reform in this country. This is not how you get it. And it’s not that Leftists are against police brutality per se. They would just like it used against the right people.

    I checked the WaPo’s archive on police shootings in 2019, which itself was meant to prove police are “hunting black people” in the wake of Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. Police still have killed almost double the number of white people since 2015. Blacks are killed higher percent given their percent of the population but still…twice as many white people.

    If George Floyd was white, these rioters would be sitting at home watching tv.

  22. Impeachment didn’t work.
    Russian collusion didn’t work.
    Ukraine collusion didn’t work.
    Trade didn’t work.
    Wuhan Flu didn’t work.

    Voter Fraud needs to be implemented on a vast scale – so – what better than murder, rioting, and racism? It’s about all they got left. The orchestration may not have been EXECUTED by the NSA (CIA, FBI, &c.) but it was certainly ASSISTED by them (through “social” media) and has Soros and Clinton fingerprints.

    Socialist operatives Jackson and Sharpton wasted no time.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. Why, oh why, did the southern plantation owners have to bring slaves over here? It’s been nothing but BIG trouble ever since. It’s our huge national fissure. It caused a civil war and ugly civil disturbances right up to today.

    It has allowed hypocritical people in other countries to wag their fingers at us and call us racist murderers.

  24. “Soros has flying squads of militants ready to deploy nationwide on a moment’s notice.”

    Yep, and they’re already in the battle. I read a lot about how Soros’s Open Society is funding all of this. Why’s that mother fucker still breathing American air?

  25. George known convicted dangerous armed robber , busted and arrested for passing fake $20.00 bills ,violent resist arrest when being put in police car, held down with legal police practise knee restraint [ he liked his fentanyl I heard ]

  26. Listening this AM to one of the local Minnesota newsies. He confirmed that many busloads of paid rioters from out of state are being directed professionally by people who are monitoring police radio to guide rioters to avoid being stopped and caught.
    Interstate RICO crimes are being committed.
    Where are the Feds to snatch up the ringleaders?

  27. This wont be accepted by the mob.
    The thugs don’t have the intellectual capacity to reason this out.
    It’s going to be a long summer in the urban jungles.

  28. There might be hope for change -

  29. Once again, the rush to judgment based on incomplete facts, a partial video and “feelings”.

    How many times do I have to say, local crimes should be dealt with locally and should not be judged in social media by people who live thousands of miles away?

    Everyone, even someone who does something as stupid as kneeling on another human’s neck for 8 minutes, deserves a fair trial….

  30. muddjuice

    Agreed. However most of these rioters couldn’t even tell you the dead guys name. They’re a whole different deal.

  31. I wonder if the medical examiner is a part of the police union? 🙃

    Doesn’t matter what ended up ultimately killing Mr Floyd- fact is that the knee cop sped up his death and had a major, LETHAL role in his life being snuffed out.

    End of story.

  32. Probably explains the THIRD DEGREE murder charge — dont need evidence that criminal act led directly to victim’s death

    If this were a manslaughter charge or a wrongful death suit the other conditions would be meaningless under the “thin skull” theory — If you club someone with a thin skull or with, say, previous brain trauma and he dies, youre liable for some kind of homicide, even if you were unaware of victim’s situation

    Thats what these 2nd degree murder laws are about — some things might not rise to level of first degree, but are still so awful that manslaughter charges just dont suffice

  33. This is a perfect opportunity for the Rolling Stones to remake their hit song “Hey, You Get Off Of My Cloud” to “Hey, You Get Off Of My Neck”.

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