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Medusa Says Sacrifice Your Babies For Social Justice, White Women

According to Medusa Magazine, you can’t have a progressive society without making some sacrifices. In this case, they are calling on white women to abort their white babies before they get a chance to grow up and perpetuate the supremacist society. Once you’ve killed your own offspring you’re to go help women of color raise their children (the unstated assertion here is because they are most likely trying to raise their kids in a single parent household).


The left is Satan’s playground.

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  1. WHITE-HATING has been going on for decades. Each liberal takes his/her turn with a jab or paper-cut here and there.

    White liberals cheering on the demise of the aging / low-birth rate demographic.

    Disarm whites (blacks don’t pay attention to laws) and bring in millions of white-hating terrorists.

    This is intentional slow-motion genocide.

  2. Doesn’t get much plainer than that.
    Talk about being hit in the head with a 2×4?

    Bet even this won’t wake up the retards.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. A couple of things. For a radical feminist site they ought to have a look at the ads from time to time. Semi nude women and dating sites abound. Secondly, after reading a few things there I’m beginning to rethink my belief that everyone, no matter how stupid is allowed to have and broadcast their thoughts and opinions. These people need to be sought out, identified for all to see and harassed until they stop or hang themselves.

  4. So it’s open white genocide now.

    The Left must be eradicated.

    And yes, we should be calling on them to save the planet by self-euthanasia. Immediately.
    Encourage them to watch Shamalyan’s The Happening. Over and over until it sinks in.

  5. In a sense, it’s a good thing the Left is so open about this.
    [INSERT “Margaret Sanger hardest hit” JOKE HERE]

    This should help those in the middle – who are generally numb and/or oblivious to such insanity – see the Left for what they are.

    OUR JOB is to make sure those sorts of folks, as well as any so-called “well meaning/old school” Democrats, hear about this.

  6. Oh my gosh. What happened to the outrage of the abundance of pregnant blacks aborting their babies through planned parenthood? Is it possible PP is on the right track,

    I get the feeling, there is a war to see what faction can be most hedonistic. Gads! Progressives are advertising their depravity, more and more.

    The speck of hope are the push backs, spurred by the President. Thank God he has found a way around the hideous MSM. I just wish he could move more quickly, but have a lot of confidence in what he does will withstand the naysayers.

  7. If it weren’t for the fact that abortion is the murder of defenseless people, this would be what is commonly known as a ‘twofer’: Systemic annihilation of the Left at their own hands and the eventual abandonment of the Left by blacks in America.

  8. They would make it mandatory if they could.

    Note that they have explicitly said that their plan is literally for white genocide.

  9. Lady, if it weren’t for all the white babies throughout history, your whole family would still be making hats out of cow piss and mud, and trying to escape the angry rhinoceros, and hippo

  10. As heard on IOTW first

    June 16, 2017

    msNBC Bloomberg guardian scriptwriters at work, Day and NIGHT

    Spreading the Night Soil.

    From the Far Dark Side

    Katty Kay, BBC World News America

    “I would forsake my children in a hearbeat for the honour of the Mission”

    They must be Drunk

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