Meet Christopher Steele, former MI6 agent who compiled a dossier to discredit Donald Trump


Christopher Steele, 52, is said to have been the former MI6 agent who compiled a dossier on Donald Trump to discredit the incoming US President.

Steele, was posted to Moscow aged 26 in 1990, just months after marrying first wife Laura following a whirlwind romance. Laura complained that the feared Soviet secret police monitored them – and that at one stage a Russian aimed its gun directly at their apartment.

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22 Comments on Meet Christopher Steele, former MI6 agent who compiled a dossier to discredit Donald Trump

  1. Nice Jeb had his PAC involved. How much of his $150 million did he blow on having someone else produce a fantasy golden shower story about Trump?! Low energy and not too savvy.

  2. Something’s weird with that link. Starts off on politopinion then immediately jumps to toys r us military play set. Maybe I’ll try another device.

  3. Dick Durbin believes this crap. He wants Trump to bomb Moscow. He doubled dared Trump. Trump told him to fuck off. Sooo un-presidential. The first sentence is true. I made up the rest. We should have some fun with all the nonsense.

  4. Oh sweet Jesus. I’m watching Joe Biden receiving a participation medal from Obama. He’s crying like a baby. O it’s the Medal of Freedom. O the little snow flake. It’s sickening to watch.

  5. Just wondering out loud…if Yeb was in on this, should Trump disinvite brother W to the inauguration? And McLame if he was invited? Just wondering…

  6. “Oh sweet Jesus. I’m watching Joe Biden…”

    Nuther bed wetter. Thought he’d grow out of it the first term.

  7. Intelligence huh? Trump claims he’s never been this city. Wouldn’t that be easily verified. Quickly verified. Even if he has been to these overseas locations I’m sure there’s got to be some dates mentioned. Sounds like DJT needs to burn this shit down.

  8. The story gets weirder. I’m willing to believe it’s yet another 4Chan hoax, and equally willing to believe the Clinton Campaign and its sycophants (Rick Wilson of DailyBeast) circulated it and shopped it around widely, and the legal departments at the Big Boys (NYT/WaPo etc) wouldn’t let them invite libel suits.
    Then bottom feeder Buzzfeed finally took the bait and the SJWs at CNN jumped on what they thought would be a bandwagon.
    Maybe they imagined Trump would resign, and Obama could announce a do-over election, or just appoint Hilary, or some other Lefty fever dream.

    I’m hoping DJT cuts CNN off from all Federal access. No press conferences.
    No interviews.
    Not just no Pres Trump, no interviews with ANY member of the administration above local Postmaster.
    No officials appearing on Sunday talk shows.
    A complete cutoff.
    CNN ratings will plummet. Shareholders will howl. They’ll be left to covering sports and Hollywood scandals.

    As Trump said, No questions. They’re fake news.

  9. I know it’s late but I’ve been hacked. I think by the Russians or the Chinese. I’m being bombarded with all sorts of offers. Several Nigerian Princesses have offered me thousands and millions of US currency dollars.. I had Mrs. Moe read one plea from Princess
    Nagaghwokuka from the Provence of Ondakunk, Nigeria. Mrs. Moe said OK it sounds good but just give me twenty dollars for now so I can
    get some milk, bread, and eggs. But meanwhile why don’t get your ass away from the computer and go shovel the snow off the Goddamn steps. The woman has no social graces. But it doesn’t end there.
    I’m being told that beautiful Russian women want to meet me. I think, what the fuck for?
    Then I got this guy Eric who tells me he has a formula that will make my wife scream in bed AGAIN. Jusus Christ, again? The woman
    never screamed, all she ever said was ,get off and go to sleep.
    I can’t take this shit anymore, I’m going to have to change my Email address.


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