Meet Joe Exotic, mulleted animal guru distracting America from boredom, anxiety, grim headlines

Just The News: Joe Exotic (Joseph Maldonado-Passage), the star of Netflix’s hottest series, is reportedly self-isolating at Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas to protect himself from fellow prisoners who have the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, millions of housebound Americans are watching the mulleted animal guru, dubbed the “Tiger King,” as a distraction from the boredom, anxiety, and grim headlines associated with social isolation, economic insecurity, and a virulent disease with no present cure.

Netflix’s seven-part series “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” remains the streamer’s most watched title for a full week

The docuseries follows Joe, owner of an Oklahoma-based big cat attraction, and his colorful cast of husbands, collaborators, friends, and foes.

Directors Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode’s series plays out like reality TV on steroids, albeit one with a serious message. A shocking number of big cats — think lions, tigers and leopards — are owned not by zoos but by private citizens. read more

14 Comments on Meet Joe Exotic, mulleted animal guru distracting America from boredom, anxiety, grim headlines

  1. Wow. How did this idiot jump in front of all other news right now?

    We are a fearsome society.

  2. Rather watch reruns of Bonanza or Gunsmoke than just about anything they put out nowadays. A flip through the channels of what passes for entertainment lately gives a clear picture of whats wrong with society.

  3. so all he did was contract someone to kill a competitor and the world beats a path to his prison cell

  4. Sorry, too busy listening to old Johnny Dollar, Gunsmoke, and Dragnet radio shows on YouTube. Those were the days when people knew how to write a good story.

  5. Just looking at his drunken red neck trailer track look I haven’t read anything about him.
    Funny a society so impressed that celebrities are sending out messages on line while wearing no make up is so enthralled with this guy.

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