Meet Kyle Frese: Trump Hater, Federal Employee, Arrested for Leaking National Security Secrets

PJM: Federal employee Henry Kyle Frese was arrested today for allegedly leaking national security secrets to reporters at CNBC and NBC. One of the reporters was his girlfriend. Read the indictment here.

Frese was a federal employee at the Defense Intelligence Agency. It comes as no surprise that Frese — like so many other federal employees in Washington, D.C. — is full of hatred toward Donald Trump and willing to use his personal power and government job to attack the president and conservatives. Let’s peruse his Twitter feed before it disappears.

Frese went to college and graduate school in Canada. His posts routinely cover national security and foreign affairs issues. They are also vehemently hostile to Donald Trump and his foreign policy. A post just this week regarding Turkey and Syria says, “Once again we remind our current, and any potential future allies, that at some point we will [expletive] them over.” I could find no postings on his Twitter feed regarding the Obama administration meddling in Israel’s elections or striking up a nuclear deal with Iran.

Frese didn’t just hate Trump, he hated those around Trump, including Sebastian Gorka. Upon reading that Gorka would be traveling with Trump, Frese attacked Gorka by posting an imaginary quote from a White House official: “You know what would be good optics right now? SecState travelling with someone who was disgraced from the White House and has clear ties to European white nationalist groups.” Gorka does not have ties to European white nationalist groups. KEEP READING

14 Comments on Meet Kyle Frese: Trump Hater, Federal Employee, Arrested for Leaking National Security Secrets

  1. …I bet that, like Clapper and Brennan and “Barack” Ficking “Obama”, he still has his security clearance, tho…

  2. Burner OCTOBER 10, 2019 AT 9:20 AM
    “He has a ‘girlfreind’?
    Is it a male??”

    …or, maybe “Kyle” is a FEmale, you never can tell with this crowd…

  3. This miserable piece of shit needs to be made an example of. Prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Then track down all his twitter followers and “likes”, and if any of them are federal employees, fire their asses as national security threats.

  4. Yes, Burner:

    Frese will soon find out that ‘surprise, wake-up sex’with his prison cellmate just ain’t as good as it was that hot blonde reporter.

    …On the plus side, he won’t have to leak prison secrets to get plenty of loving.


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