Meet Mini Cortez

Eight-year-old Ava Martinez on the success of her videos online in which she impersonates Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


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  1. I tried to search youtube for her videos and the only ones that come up have like 6K views. I tried Ava Martinez, 8 year old AOC etc and it looks like her videos either don’t search well are don’t get or haven’t gotten many views.

    That Fox News vid got over 100k views though.

  2. This little girl is an example of what is wrong with the internet and what is wrong parents that are trying to turn their little kids into an easy paycheck. Not a fan.

  3. No, what’s wrong is that the internet allows misdirected parents an opportunity to capitalize on innocent little kids in order for the parents to make an easy paycheck. I call bullshit!

  4. Nice try Loco, even though I pretend to be cranky I’m pretty easy to get along with. However, I don’t like seeing parents exploiting their children for their own gain, it’s wrong. Happy belated Birthday!

  5. How old was Joan of Arc when she took a stand?? YES we all know her fate BUT no, age is not a factor of starting too early…19 years old.

    Nathan Hale? Hanged at the age of…21.

    @ Joe6pak – I get you. But if done with her Dad and Uncles help with supervision, I do not think this started out as a money maker IOW. It may have gotten to be popular enough to monetize, I do not know how that exactly works. I did cringe while watching this, too ‘made up’, all an act.

    But @MolonLabe – I get YOU too. This is not violent in any way and should not be banned or removed in a 1984 or Farenheit 451 type of way.

    I say IF you want to make vids, make your vids, stay off Faux news. That said?

    Don’t watch if ya don’t like. ‘LIKE’ if ya do…down if ya don’t.

  6. @joe^ ~ the internet didn’t create child exploitation, it just refined an all-too exploited product … Jon Bennet Ramsey ring a bell?

  7. ghost, “if done with her Dad and Uncle’s help with supervision”. If all proceeds from this exploitation go to this little girls trust account for use when she is an adult I’ll kiss AOL’s bare ass in Times Square on New Years Eve! I’m certain that dad and unc are not in this for fun and laughs.

  8. Joe6pak, I agree with your opinion. A Dad and an Uncle promoting a child like this is just asking for pedophile troubles as that is what Hollywood thrives on. This girl would not and could not have been doing this on her own. A Dad and an Uncle that shouldn’t be trusted with a vulnerable little girl. Parents do exploit their own children for profit.

  9. Joe’s right, these “stage mothers” out there using their children to capitalize on their children are scum.

  10. Let kids be kids. Protect their childhoods especially in the social media age. She’s only eight for shit’s sake. Social media is a cesspool. A child her age has no more business being a “social media sensation” than an 11-year-old has prancing around in gay nightclubs.

    I don’t give a tinker’s fart if her videos are cute or funny. She’s only eight years old. Her childhood is being exploited by adults hungry for retweets and social media celebrity.

  11. There’s no exploitation at all. The kid is having fun and probably has a real interest in politics. Where’s the ‘exploitation’?

  12. She sure didn’t act like she knew what was going on in this interview. Her videos are not something she came up with; they were scripts written for her and she had lots of coaching. That’s why she couldn’t perform during the interview – her answers to the questions were not written for her. Poor thing.

  13. There are organized pedophile networks on the internet. They are very tech savvy pros at acquiring victims, whether communicating with a child target directly, or even through an ignorant parent posting pictures and information about their own child on social media. Very devious pros always on the hunt. This young, naive girl has been made a possible target for pedophiles by the adult men doing this marketing of her. How are they to know who may contact her or them about her “potential?” There are law enforcement officers who actually patrol the internet to weed out the pedophile hunters, and might even go knocking at someone’s door for suspicious activity concerning children. This little girl is definitely a “poor thing,” being marketed like this to the highest bidder for her “talents.” I would say that she needs to be rescued. Pedophiles are everywhere, but they pretend they are just normal people. Often they are trusted family members. My guess is that among posters here there are ones that have experienced being victimized as a child by a family member. And I highly doubt that the media would even bring up the subject to report on, possibly being themselves guilty.


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