Meet the congresswoman who used her children in ads while taking millions from baby-killing PACs



AT: Oh, joy. Here in Virginia’s 7th District, one of those fake moderate Democrats just beat incumbent Dave Brat.

Congresswoman-Elect Abigail Spanberger promised to work across the aisle with President Trump in a series of slick ads featuring her three adorable daughters.

But how moderate is Spanberger?  What really lies behind those soccer mom looks, centrist-sounding promises, and CIA background?

What she didn’t dare mention during the campaign was the mountains of cash she received from a PAC so diabolically anti-life that in 2002, it cut off its own Senator Mary Landrieu from any funding after she voted for a ban on partial-birth abortions.

“I don’t think we are interested in electing anybody who wants to weaken abortion laws,” said EMILY’s List’s communication director.

The PAC, EMILY’s List, doesn’t tolerate any restrictions on abortion, even for viable full-term babies.

That’s okay with Spanberger.  Taking money from a group that promotes killing babies in the womb and even out of the womb is easy for radical two-faced “moderates.”

As Spanberger’s campaign volunteers knocked on our doors in the 7th District, lauding the candidate’s role as Girl Scout leader and mother of three.  As the candidate appeared in ads with her three young, beautiful daughters, aborted babies who never made it into ads for their mothers, are forever denied their right to live.

Laughably, in one of her ads, Spanberger said she didn’t take money from “special interests” – except EMILY’s List and NARAL.  NARAL is another group facilitating the murder of babies.  Spanberger was “honored” to be endorsed by them.

If Spanberger ever deviates from the baby-killers’ agenda, she will get the Landrieu treatment.  Her allegiance is not to country or “Virginia families,” as she contended in her TV ads, but to George Soros, who helped organize and fund EMILY’s List.

Soros and EMILY’s List own Spanberger.  She is no moderate.  She’s a con artist.  more here

3 Comments on Meet the congresswoman who used her children in ads while taking millions from baby-killing PACs

  1. what did you expect with a cia black ops backgrounded jersey gurl.
    is she supposed to be a real life Carrie Mathison?
    i wonder if’n she speaks some Italian like Lt. Aldo Raine does.
    Arriverderci bint

  2. Started out her campaign with gun-grabbing statements, but switched to “I’m a patriot who will create jobs” narrative. Another out of state plant. How are people so easily fooled?

  3. @Truckbuddy November 9, 2018 at 6:56 am

    To paraphrase some idjit:

    “If people could vote smart, they wouldn’t be allowed to do it.”


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