Meet the fake feminist

Justin Trudeau likes to say he is a feminist but he pays women less, gives them smaller budgets and puts them at the bottom of the list to replace him.

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  1. Sure. Same as any other acknowledged socialist, such as Moochelle and Hellery. Talk the big talk, walk the little walk.

  2. This guy is such a massive asshole I almost can’t stand to even write a note. He has all the arrogance and contempt for Parliament and the people as his old man (Pierre Trudeau) had but only half his fathers intellect. The simple minded bastard was raised by lefties, spent almost his whole life in school taking getting crap degrees and whose only work experience prior to being elected as an MP and head of the Liberal Party was as a second grade teacher and a friggin bouncer at a bar which was scrubbed from his bio when it looked like the liberals had glommed onto him as their ticket back into power. Trebles all around boys, it worked.

  3. “man” is a total open sewer overflowing septic tank ..he is filth..
    never held a real job and pissses money away

  4. I don’t accept the communist premise that comparing wages is valid.
    is it ageist that young people make less money than middle aged ones?
    This premise is equally as stupid as saying guns kill people.
    Parroting the left just makes one sound dumb.

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