Meet the Flintstones

A little diversionary post about cartoons –

And here’s a guy that should be a household name – Daws Butler –>

Also – Meet The Flagstones.

Yes, that was the original name of the series when it was piloted. Daws Butler is Fred. June Foray (Rocket J. Squirrel) is Betty. –

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  1. never knew that Mel Blanc was Barney … Betty looks like a charactor out of the ‘Peanuts’ vids

    … learn something new every day (thanks Fur, for trip back through my childhood … one day I’ll get out of adolescence…)

  2. Seems I’ve lost a lot of money in the market, based on the video. Universal Scalp Wax is down!!

  3. Chilly Willy was one of my favorites with Daws Butler as the polar bear. He was also a regular on Stan Freberg’s radio show back in the 50’s. And Huckleberry Hound as well. He along with Mel Blanc were comedic cartoon voice geniuses.


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