Meet the UK funeral director blowing the whistle on wrongfully labeled COVID deaths

(LifeSiteNews) – John O’Looney is a funeral director and owner/operator of a funeral home in the London area in England. Throughout the last year, he has come forward and made public claims about what looks like foul play on behalf of health authorities in the UK.

He has said on numerous platforms that in his experience with dead bodies, he has witnessed numerous wrongfully labeled deaths where someone was considered a COVID death when it was not so. In addition, he believes that the stark spike in long-term care deaths in March and April of 2020 might be as much or more the result of  pharmaceutical foul play or negligence than COVID.

His claims have made waves across alternative media platforms, and he has garnered the attention of many in England and abroad.

Recently, it was revealed that he was in the hospital diagnosed with COVID, albeit after being told he was not positive for COVID, only for that diagnoses to be reversed.

Canadian physician Sam Dubé relayed the story of what happened to Mr. O’Looney on the TakeActionCanada podcast and told the audience that O’Looney was essentially being held against his will in hospital. more here

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  1. I saw Mr o’Looney on a video last week and he had been rescued and was recuperating at home. He’s been very sick but said not to worry about him. He expects them to target him again but says he feels like he has to tell the truth to everyone and just can’t back down. I can’t find it now but here is a video of the one who rescued him talking about it.

  2. I wonder if when he’s processing a corpse, embalming it, if he can tell if the person has been vaccinated by the blood clotting without even knowing their vaccine status???

    Think about it, maybe we need to be listening to the embalmers and funeral directors and not fauci.

  3. ^^^What you talkin about Willis? The covid-19 virus causes blood clots!
    You would know that if you knew how to do a search.

  4. “Midazolam”…Does that not sound like a demon’s name? Where do they come UP with these names?? Some Aleister Crowley grimoire?

    “Comirnaty”…really? I can almost smell the sulphur.

  5. A guy I knew, who had multiple co-morbidities, caught COVID and was sent home–with no treatments–until he couldn’t breathe. Sent to hospital with 40% O2 level. Put on a ventilator and just died. The hospital checked all the bonus boxes. They are practicing a form of medicine I’ve never seen before.

  6. IF covid is such a god-awful virus, why aren’t they cremating the bodies instead of embalming?? Seems like a bunch of horseshit to me. I believe I have mentioned this before, but our friend’s dad wrecked his ATV and busted everything from neck down. Cause of death on certificate: COVID.

  7. Hey arnold, i mean anomymous….

    What I am talking about is people who have NOT had COVID and are vaccinated, who have died so put that in your pipe and smoke it. They do exist.

    Man up and create a IOTWReport ID, stop hiding under the generic ID that many use- Anonymous

  8. ^ I think most Extraterrestrials have left the planet. Why would anyone want to hang around 7.8 billion crazy Terran’s?


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