Megan Rapinoe Breaks Into Tears Following Olympic Loss to Canadians

CB: The United States’ women’s national soccer team suffered a bitter defeat on the field on Monday, effectively killing their chance to win an Olympic gold medal.

Team forward Megan Rapinoe broke into tears during an interview, describing the 1-0 loss to Canada as a “bitter one to swallow.”

The perennially woke athlete made the waves as an outspoken social justice activist off the field in the weeks and months leading up to the Olympics, angering fans of the sport when she was the first member of the squad to take a knee at the USA World Cup last year. more

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  1. But but but…there’s no crying in soccer…just enough room for a good protest tho’…



  2. Poor slim, gonna get harder and harder to get chicks now that you’re a loser!
    She looks like my nieces girl friend/boyfriend. Herms
    Looks like a hired hand on a farm

  3. If they had won the gold medal, they would have shoved it in our faces.

    It would have been a victory for woke anti-Americans.
    Instead of simply being happy to win, leftists would consider it a loss for American patriots and relish that even more, the sick rat-bastards.

    Therefore, bwahahahahaha!
    Suck it bitches!

    Oh, and GO AUSTRALIA in the bronze match Thursday!

  4. Perhaps, but probably not, these athletes should focus their energy on the games, instead of making protesting & social justice causes their “sports”.

  5. That ugly ass Meagan Rapinoe has the weirdest physique.
    Skinny-fat, boy-bod/dad-bod.
    NO leg definition or shape whatsoever.
    I could outrun her in sprint or distance and I’m twice the bitch’s age.

    Married to the ugly dyke Sue Bird who plays dyke basketball for the USA as well.

  6. So tired of womyn; is there a lady yet around? I’d work and slave to the ends of the Earth to earn(!) the affections of one.

  7. @SoBelt – I never want to see any team from the US of A lose, but, I am not crying because of this one.
    Maybe they can all go on the anti-American podcast. I cannot remember the name of the bint that hosts her own show, but, to steal a phrase from Wierd Al (he might appreciate it, maybe not) Eat It!!

  8. And in her end of game interview she belittled Canada. “We’ve never lost to Canada”. What a bitch!

  9. Canada has a tranny on their team.
    He looks like a twelve year old boy as well.

    They will likely lose to the hottie Swedish team.
    Even though that team has some dykes, at least they are of the lipstick-lesbian type…

  10. On a slightly related note, though I hate to be there, I do want to see Penataonix do a cover of Beat It. They are sooooo good.

  11. So I don’t think we can really put it on that. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve been thinking about the whole tournament, we just didn’t have that juice that we normally do.”

    -the lesbian jokes just write themselves.

  12. @LBS & rich taylor

    Quin on Team Canada was born a woman and is now known as trans. So technically, she is competing in her/his/? birth category. No Idea if ? is on testosterone or not.

    Laurel Hubbard really pissed me off. She was Failure as a man, failure as a woman.
    The world slowly seems to balance itself out.

    Finally, what does this say about soccer that Team USA has not scored 1 goal in the last 3 games and still gets to play for a bronze. It really becomes, The biggest looser at this point.

  13. Well while in Japan, why not do like the Japanese when they totally fuck up…go commit ritual suicide!!!

  14. While your not busy celebrating losses.
    Transgender Olympian Laurel Hubbard fails to win medal in Olympic Games.
    Couldn’t win against the girls either, 15 min of fame over.

  15. It takes a special kind of asshole to make it to the Olympics and have most of your country rooting for you to lose. Gotta go with Richard Grennell who called Rapinhoe a “ignorant, pampered, spoiled homosexual”.

  16. @RogerF – “…@SoBelt – I never want to see any team from the US of A lose, but, I am not crying because of this one…”

    I don’t really consider the US Women’s soccer team or any other woke US athletes to be representative of the United States. So I absolutely have no tears – just cheers.

  17. @Kcir

    I love Canada, thought we should have invaded years ago. You guys are hard working, the country is clean, and all those natural resources, oh boy. And, once we take over you guys don’t have to stress over never winning the Stanley Cup 🙂

    “Finally, what does this say about soccer that Team USA has not scored 1 goal in the last 3 games and still gets to play for a bronze.”

    It’s very hard to win World Cup and the Olympics back to back. Factor in that most of the international stars went to our universities or played for our professional teams, and parity has leveled the playing field.

    I hope you guys do well in the finals.

  18. I suspect there are good, patriotic members of the Team USA.
    Unfortunately Rapinoe made herself a spectacle and focal point. Rapinoe plays for self promotion and controversy. The others play for the Team and the Nation.
    I also suspect the rest of the team realizes this and has caused a riff and morale issue.

    Why bust your ass when the purple haired, self centered, old, dried up juice of a lesbian will take credit for any win or point out others if there’s a loss.

  19. “I suspect there are good, patriotic members of the Team USA.”

    You have no idea. You let a couple ass holes ruin it. Caeleb Dressel is an amazing young man and a Patriot.

  20. Agreed Cato and Brad.

    Of course the second week of the Olympics are track & field.
    That means a bunch of preening baboons from the USA acting cocky as fuck, making it all about themselves.

  21. Loco, OK I’m cheering for the Aussies. I thought I read that Sweden had a second chance to humiliate the anti-American lesbos once again. Whatever, as long as they get beat I’m happy.

  22. Brad/rich taylor

    I’ve Had some fun with the girls from Texas, Tennessee, & New York. All unbelievably Good looking.
    You can the Girls from up here!
    I’ll give you 2 for 1.

  23. Hey, I just thought of something. How come the wimmins soccer teams aren’t playing in bikinis? What makes volleyball special?

  24. Kcir
    How about some peeps from Bezerkly that identify as woman. We’re not given up our Texans. You’ve gone TO far. LOL.

  25. Hey Megan,
    Maybe you can get some men who are good soccer players to say they are women and help the team out!


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