Meghan and Harry forget all about their vow to never live in America so long as Trump is president, moving to Hollywood

American Thinker: Meghan Markle and hubby Prince Harry weren’t as sour about sharing a country with President Trump as we last heard from Meghan.

According to Page Six at the New York Post:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fled coronavirus in Canada to set up a permanent home in California, taking a private jet to Los Angeles, a source confirmed to Page Six.

The couple, with their 10-month-old baby, Archie, took a secret flight to the LA area, leaving their recent bolthole on Vancouver Island after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the country’s borders were closing last week.

Harry and Meghan are setting up home near Hollywood — after looking at homes in the Beverly Hills area — the UK Sun newspaper first reported.

“This move was planned for some time. They realized Canada would not work out for various reasons and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area.

Oh.  My.  So much to unpack here.

First, that’s quite the Hollywood vapid celeb thing to do: say you’ll leave (or stay out of) the country Because Trump, and then not live up to your grandiose vow, just reaping some P.R. points from it.  Last Jan. 12, a mere two months ago, Page Six reported this from Meghan:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be coming to America — but not until President Trump is out of office, a report said Sunday.

After their Megxit deal gets hashed out, the Daily Mail reported that the couple plan on living in Canada and eventually find a home and business in Los Angeles.

Guess Trump wasn’t so bad after all.  This puts Meghan Markle right up there with Cher and other Hollywood chi-chi crowd denizens for screaming Trump and not following through on their promises.

Second, the heck they are fleeing any coronavirus crisis in Canada; you don’t flee one crisis and jet right in to a much bigger one. read more

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  1. Archie. Why didn’t they just name him Jughead instead? After all, he comes from “The Royal Line Of Tard.”

  2. Truck Fump! I can’t believe he not only signed that massive piece of Communist legislation, he has the audacity to berate and try to bully the one Republican with the balls and sense to try to stop it! I call that Leftist Collusion!!!

  3. I had enough of the cheap, crass and tawdry antics and nonstop news coverage of that Princess Di crap before it really got started. Enough already! And as for the British “royals,” there isn’t a one of that band of inbred mutts who I would piss down their throat if their stomach were on fire. They just don’t interest me and I find it rather odd that there is any interest in them at all. The only one who has done anything lately that is the least bit newsworthy is the pedophile.

  4. What’s two more hypocritical losers in the land of hypocritical losers. At least they’re all in one spot.

  5. Gee Wally, if there wuz ever a contest of keeping promises between Donald Trump and the Preening, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed Left, President Trump would be the clear winner!

  6. …I’m still waiting for Raven Symone to leave after a Republican was “nominated” in 2016…

    ““My confession for this election is if any Republican gets nominated I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family,” she asserted.”

    …there were a whole sack of other leftyz too that threatened to deprive us of their divine presence, only to go back on it almost immediately.

    ..seems like in this, as in everything, all lefties are liars, and everyone’s just OK with that…

  7. “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fled coronavirus in Canada to set up a permanent home in California, taking a private jet to Los Angeles…”

    …you’re going to LA.
    …to flee Coronavirus.

    “Novel Coronavirus in Los Angeles County*



    As of 12pm 3/27”


    …wonder if Garcetti will cut off THEIR water if Harry keeps going out pimping Megs mouth…

  8. Just Harry and MeAgain are going to need more security in California. It’s completely full of those gun toting Americans who get to buy hundred magazine clips for their AR 14s and AK 27s. I’m sure the generous citizens of Maliboo and Hollyweird will welcome this opportunity to pay some share of the £20 million it is estimated to cost to guard these two Royal Trump Haters.

  9. ^^^ if the Queen hadn’t offed Lady Die when she did, they would have ended up with a Muslim heir to the throne, since she was letting Arabs pork her…

    …this one time, I’m glad the Queen proved to be a real Windsor after all…conniving, unscrupulous, murderous, ready and able to do literally anything to keep the blood line as she would have it…like Hillary Clinton, but with less ability to project evil worldwide, and less apparent inclination to do so, too…

  10. Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle have now landed in America! So much for closing the borders to undesirables!

  11. “Maybe the divorce laws in the US are better for Harry to dump the skag.”

    If anyone initiates Operation D, it’ll be Markle proving once again that you never marry your first piece of @ss. Wonder if she’ll give him his ‘nads back?

  12. “Meghan and Harry forget all about their vow to never live in America….”

    Technically, they didn’t break their vow, since Hollywood is not part of America.

  13. Meg wants to star in movies, and she’s going to use Harry’s fame to do it. She’s a few years late, Harvey Weinstein would have given her a part for a piece.

  14. Meanwhile, the Hollywood crowd has flown to Sun Valley Idaho to escape Corona, and…brought the virus with them! Most of the cases of Corona in Idaho are in or around Sun Valley, and have overwhelmed the small local hospital there.

  15. “She has so de-manned Harry. He follows her around like a little puppy. Pathetic” – DBag

    I have two cousins who are suffering the same fate. They just recently succumed to the Soy-Boi ‘infection’. Their parents are heart-broken.

  16. @Claudia

    That’s DBad not DBag (as in douche bag)!

    And me too – I have a brother who has been maritally de-nutted


    OOPS! What a mistake! Sorry! Claudia

  17. She was an aging grade B actress in hollywood, had lots of miles on her, and found this lost younger guy she could do her malignant narcissist routine on. She is about as shallow and phoney as they come.

    If anyone thinks these two have sex anymore, I have a used, high mileage’princess’ I want to sell you.

  18. @ Claudia. No problem! It took me about two years after I picked that moniker to make the connection myself that maybe it wasn’t the best choice! (Yes, sometimes I am that slow.)


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