Meghan Markle’s Pity Party

Patriot Retort: Remember when little girls would have Princess Parties? This was back when little girls weren’t browbeaten into hosting gender neutral, super-non-offensive events. Little girls would dress in finery and little tiaras and pretend to be royalty. Imagine being one of those girls and seeing an American grow up to actually become a part of the royal family. Livin’ the dream, folks. Meghan Markle was livin’ the dream.

I guess once you actually become royalty holding a Princess Party is a tad redundant. So instead Meghan decided to throw herself a little Pity Party.

Rather than dress in finery and wear a tiara, Meghan wore a super expensive designer dress and a sour puss.

Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen.
Nobody knows but Oprah.


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  1. Can’t quite understand marrying a Prince to turn him into a pauper. I’d imagine the royal family won’t let Harry flip burgers for a living but what the what?!? Meghan would be living in multiple castles, jewels, likely be a style Icon like Diana and be adored because she was married Harry. Her work for the royal family would be to travel the world, stay in the best places, cut a ribbon or two then go back to the castle for a fine dining meal.

    Instead, she is hated on both continents as the Queen of Wokeland.

  2. She is very creepy.
    It’s disturbing, just how much she is trying to copy Diana.
    From her clothing choices to her makeup and mannerisms.
    Diana knew how to play the press better though.
    You would think for a couple who so desperately want their privacy, they would leave us alone.

  3. Don’t know about the rest of y’all but I’ve got Smegma & Cucky fatigue.

    You can’t make a princess out of a pump.

  4. I wonder if the Royal’s will take him back after she divorces him? It’s an inevitability IMO.

  5. England deserves her.

    I can think of a couple of thousand more we could ship over …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “You’re all in or all out with ‘The Firm’. There is no half in/half out.” Is “The Firm” the power that dictates how all global elites act and what they can say? By shedding “The Firm’s grip, were Megan and Harry giving us a glimpse into the global confab that control the elites?

  7. She certainly bitched about the inbreds but not one word about her own family that she also does not get along with.

    She complained that she had to look up the British National Anthem on google because no one told her what it was. She Could not say on TV that it was “God Save The Queen”

    England was Racist so she moved back to the USA where she previously experienced Racism. And I love the way she shut Harry up by touching his Paw while he was about to speak.

  8. Some of you aren’t like but

    That girl is so light, so white, you would NOT think she was interracial. I think they were more worried about bad dna entering the Windsor bloodline after Archie was born than they were about race.

    YA, I said it. There’s something wrong with that baby, more than being crossed eye. Downs Syndrome? Autism? I guess we will know when their non profit Archwell suddenly starts supporting one or the other.

    Meghan and Harry aren’t being completely honest with the public. There is lot’s more to this story than they are telling. Meghan is a total fraud.

  9. Trumo Quote:

    “I’m not a fan of hers” “…and I wish a lot of luck to Harry. He’s Gonna Need it.”

    DJT once again proven 100% correct and being funny while doing it.

  10. Nitwit and her Halfwit want their privacy, but they’ve been forced to go on a two hour Okrathon in order to be left alone in a mansion where the rescue chickens are colorblind. Will no one rid us of these scheming grifters?

  11. I don’t like Piers Morgan for his vocal anti-2A stance when he was working here in the USA.

    But he sure nailed down these two grifters in his comments regarding the Orca Winfrey interview

  12. When this dumb ass figures out how he’s been played, it will be too late. Harry, you can complete your repudiation of your family by getting a DNA test to confirm what most of us have suspected anyway.

  13. Lost in all this conversation is the fact she is a FN Muslim.
    Her beliefs are profane, and works against freedom.
    Lives of her offspring will live from the Koran written by a illiterate man. Authorizes followers to lie. Mohammed a delusional desert bandit could neither read or write and she a follower , nothing good will ever come from her.

  14. Prince Harry should have been a reader here. One wise poster said it perfectly: Never stick your dick in crazy.

    Isn’t Orca well-rounded? Billionaire and bottom feeder.

  15. Did anyone take a close look at Meghan’s dress in that interview? It looked like either a pigeon flew over her right shoulder and crapped on it or Bill Clinton had stopped by and paid homage to Monica.

  16. EVERYONE* is potentially a target for the Woke mob.
    – Even the royal family.

    * Everyone that supports the traditions of Western Civilization

  17. @Mike_W

    Guaranteed HEWITT’S KID.

    Like no one went into Harry’s Room and grabbed a few red hairs from his comb or brush and did a DNA test.

    Maury to Price Chuck: “You are Not the Father!”

  18. This dumb bitch has political aspirations. She thinks she will be president one day. She sidled up to Gov. Newsom hoping to be appointed to the senate seat formerly held by vice resident Kumdumpster Harris. Because, apparently, the senate seat should have gone to another so called “black woman” who passes the paper bag test with flying colors. (no pun intended)

  19. Harry and the Half Black Princess. She’s as dumb as a post if what she said about not researching the Royal Family is true.
    Should have put down her gold diggin pickax long enough to Google them. But she’s the “victim”.

  20. The self centered, gutter snipe slut and her henpecked bastard prince – what a pair. Free as birds, complaining about trivial matters that obviously have no affect on their wealthy, privileged lifestyle.

    Living in a multi million dollar mansion they didn’t pay for located in the greatest nation on earth, yet they STILL find a way to be “victims”.

    NO, we’re the victims of these two grifters, who have ripped off the United States and Britain. That takes a lot of nerve.

    Here’s the deal. Harry will be sorry he ever meet Meghan. She will gaslight him mercilessly until he gives up and is left behind.

    Meghan will find another sap or money stream to get to the next power grab. The kids are just props. No sympathy for the royals “across the pond” were complicit in the disaster broadcasted around the world. They have only themselves to blame.

  21. All those partying years of drinking have cost Harry dearly. Of all the goils that fell all over him, he picked this golddigger?

    She makes him look like the dumbest schmuck in the history of Merry Olde England. And I’ll bet the sex with her ain’t worth it.

  22. Royal families have been nothing but inbred posers ever since Kings quit wearing armor & leading armies into battle. The best of the bunch was Princess Di, who was not really one of them.
    Completely irrelevant in these times.


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