Meghan McCain Says if Biden Runs She Will Quit the View Because She “Can’t Say Anything Bad About Him”

Meghan McCain says “she wouldn’t be here” if not for Joe Biden helping her dal with her dad’s death.


Biden, whose son Beau died of the same cancer as John, consoled McCain on The View in December 2017 following her dad’s diagnosis. He gave a tearful eulogy for John at the senator’s memorial service in August.

“I always thought of John as a brother,” the former vice president said. “We had a hell of a lot of family fights.”


27 Comments on Meghan McCain Says if Biden Runs She Will Quit the View Because She “Can’t Say Anything Bad About Him”

  1. …she can’t say anything bad about Hillary, either. She LITERALLY can’t say anything bad about Hillary, or she’d have, you know, like, an ‘accident’….

  2. 1. Nobody on the view is going to say anything bad about Joey and they wouldn’t allow her to do it anyway.

    2. Shut up, boobs McCain.

  3. That’s just a startling nit,elect there, Meghan—just because someone helps you means you have to agree with all of their political opinions and believe they should hold any job they apply for. If Biden wanted to be a brain surgeon would you let him cut your head open?


  4. Well, I won’t appear on “The View” cuz I can’t say anything nice about Ole Slow Joe.

    How bout that? Ain’t I sumpthin?

    Or on “The Crew,” “The Pew,” “The Screw,” “The Few,” “The New,” “The Yew,” “The Brew,” “The Dew,” “The Grew,” “The Eww,” “The Whew,” or “The Zoo.”

    I’ll just stay home! Probably with only a few less than would notice Miss McCain’s absence.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. It’s Stockholm syndrome, Joe used to babysit her when she was little.

    {when she was little} a long time ago!

  6. “…If Biden wanted to be a brain surgeon would you let him cut your head open?”

    …I think there’s some chance that Biden cut off her MAIDEN head back in the day, @Racer X, hence the CURRENT simpering…

  7. What is the IQ of the typical “View” watcher?

    Can’t be double digits. Try not to drool on the remote control.

  8. Again she shows her true colors. Biden and his kid were both guilty of underhanded business and political practices that the media doesn’t report on because of the unwritten rule forbidding bad news about a high end democrat character. McCain must know of at least some of the goings on (being at least partway in the political inside) and chooses to ignore it. With luck “Tits” McCain will eventually slither down into the darkness of anonymity once her father is forgotten.

  9. If i gave a shit about what some bint’s on the idiot box think, I’ll start a book club and serve cheap wine. Put la blimpy in a diet commercial w/that mormon gal.

  10. Megan,

    You just said all we needed to know.

    So just STFU…RINO bint.

    Oh, and MJA said ‘boobs’. Heh…heh…

  11. What the hell? Is her purpose in being on the show to just say bad things about people? She must be be a real happy little piggy.

  12. I hope McCain does leave, our client Me-again Kelly is looking for a new gig anyway….

  13. A second reason to hope Biden runs! The first, of course,is to watch Trump turn him into a puddle of wet urine.

  14. Maybe Meagan can’t think of anything bad to say about Biden, aka uncle pervy, but We can come up with thousands of topics. Just the image of serial groper Biden swimming nude in front of his Secret Service agents is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

  15. “We had a hell of a lot of family fights.”
    Oh, Uncle Joe, you’re confusing yourself with Harry Reid!

  16. Sure, Megan. Not like there’s dozens upon dozens of Cspan footage that shows Creepy Uncle Joe pawing and puffing at poor little girls while their parents are sworn in.

    If you thought that Trump saying pussy on tape was a big deal, then that ought to be an earth shattering event.

  17. Bet she can’t say anything INTELLIGENT about him either. 🙄

    Or anything intelligent, PERIOD, for that matter… 😳


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