Megyn Kelly Gleeful That CNBC Fact-Checked Trump During Debate

In a Frank Luntz-like forum with viewers, Megyn Kelly critiques the CNBC debate. She compares and contrasts the tough questions, and the harsh tone, delivered to the GOP candidates versus the softball treatment given the dems by CNN.

Viewers offered their insights; CNBC interrupted answers, they attacked personally, they didn’t stick to the debate issue of economics, they chose to be inquisitors – and Kelly agreed.

But when a viewer offered an insight that he felt was particularly egregious, that a moderator was given a fact-check about a Donald Trump answer during a commercial break, Kelly jumped on the viewer.

“That’s because he gave them an answer that wasn’t true. That was the Becky Quick question where she said, ‘where did I get my information from?” and Trump said, ‘I have no idea.’ She said, ‘I’m sorry.’ But she was right!!!”

Megyn, Megyn, Megyn.

You’re just as bad as the CNBC moderators.

The man brought up the best point of the entire panel, but because of YOUR bias, you made the viewer look like his point was a misfire.

His point was, when was the last time you saw a network fact-check a democrat’s answer with the debate in progress??

We get Candy Crowley jumping in to try and help Barack Obama during the Romney debate and Romney was the one that was right. Was that fact-checked during the show, with Crowley being corrected?

Who fact-checked Joe Biden during the broadcast, with his unprecedented error rate during the Ryan debate?

The man’s point was spot on. The backstage crew, in the director’s room with their headsets, is an arm of the DNC. It’s our candidates in the Thunder Dome. The democrats are at the day spa.

Kelly missed the point because she’s still bleeding.

You can go to the 9:30 mark of this video.


11 Comments on Megyn Kelly Gleeful That CNBC Fact-Checked Trump During Debate

  1. She is pissed off She hate Donald Trump so much her mask has slip and everyone sees her for the biased bitch she is.

  2. She’s got a little bit of Biden in her in that regard. I guess she gets caught up in her own drama and spews things out and then has to play it off later or blame someone else. Trump is her “trigger”, as the feminazis would say.

  3. Murdoch is part of the donor class. He decreed before the first debate (on Fox) that they would take out Trump. Kelly knows where her bread is buttered. Murdoch’s sons – way left – are taking over Fox from their father so Roger Ailes days are numbered.

    Kelly thinks the rats are the ones who captain the ship.

  4. It’s so discouraging that our once-heroes have turned into greedy double-crossers. I loathe the fact that I once admired her. Now I detest her even more than if she had originally been the liberal she is now.

  5. Instead of O’Reilly, I watch OAN’s The Daily Ledger. Wish OAN would come up with another hour to cover for Megyn’s. I can hardly stand her anymore. I find myself cheering Graham Ledger’s opinions. I think Fox better wake up quick.

  6. Megyn Kelly always laughs and smiles, no matter what the topic. She reminds me of the old parish priest in “True Confessions” who told his Bishop “You show me a priest who smiles all the time, and I’ll show you an idiot. your Eminence.”

  7. Megan you ignorant slut!!! Hey lady…you are the downfall of Fox. I quit watching when Murdock put you in the starting rotation – and you have not made me regret it. You talking all that shit to coward stern – just as cheap and sleezy as I thought you were. Let me tell you (stank ho) your f-ing with a heavy-weight; Trump will beat the dog shit out of you. I’ve spent enough time on you; you’re a piece of shit. Bugger off and may all the rest of your life be living hell.

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