Megyn Kelly Lays Out What the BLM Is All About, And She’s Not Shy About It

RedState: The Washington Examiner’s Byron York made an observation on how much the far left has moved the needle in just a few years. That when Colin Kaepernick started his far left protest in the NFL against America by kneeling, he got a lot of deserved backlash and only one person knelt with him at the time. Now, as York observed, all the players but for one knelt in the NBA.


Colin Kaepernick won. When he started, just one athlete refused to stand for national anthem. Now, just one athlete refuses to kneel during anthem. In course of weeks, a complete collapse of hallowed American ritual.

Now, the person who stands suddenly is required to explain himself, as though standing for the national anthem is now somehow objectionable.

York is right.

But he got a little pushback from Megyn Kelly on what that all ultimately means.

Won what?

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16 Comments on Megyn Kelly Lays Out What the BLM Is All About, And She’s Not Shy About It

  1. What they won is a life of depression, therapy and psych meds.

    I don’t have any sympathy for them whatsoever.

  2. The human body is a wondrous creation. It was not designed to withstand falls from 40 feet.
    This person found out the hard way. I could care less about anything she writes.

  3. I don’t understand why Kaepernick gets credit for being the first anti-American on the sidelines. When Marshawn Lynch was with the seahawks he sat on the bench for the Anthem. He did that a year or two before Kaepernick was even on the scene.

  4. @joe6pak — Look back a little farther. Do you remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos? I suspect that you do, but if not, DuckDuckGo is your friend.

    edit: Egads. I just realized those black fists were raised over a half century ago. A HALF CENTURY!

    p.s. BTW, if anybody here hasn’t already set up DuckDuckGo as the default search engine for your browser(s) and are still using the despicable Ggogle, then shame on you! You should also be using a non-Apple, non-MSFT, non-Google browser. I use Opera but there are quite a few that don’t play the Tech Masters of the Universe’s game.

  5. Al, that’s right, I forgot about those two. Was that the ‘68 Olympics? 50 years ago, jeez some of us are getting old.

  6. Yeah we all miss Meg Kelly and her pathetic quest to topple Trump during the debates. I miss her leatherette sleeveless wrap tight dresses on air where she tried to dominate her FOX guests. I suppose watching nicole kidman pretend to be a newsbroad caster is almost as much fun. A couple of amusing movies on that theme! Another day another dollar.

  7. @aleon — Some of ’68 was pretty ugly: murder of RFK, murder of MLK, and ensuing riots and looting and arson. Except for a shortage of murders, not much different from today.

  8. And unlike ’68, this is the year we take it ALL back!

    Now that the pendulum is tipping toward #WalkAway on every Communist Democrat front, everything is in play — all the Lefty-run institutions are either “out” because of WuFlu, going bankrupt, or otherwise crippled and being scrutinized with great vigor. American churches aren’t the only things that have been closed.

  9. BLM is all about the ultimate teflon name that projects the exact opposite of what they say they represent.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnndnnd whut do they represent?

  10. So she is a conservative again?

    Until someone offers her another suitcase full of cash to try and play got ya against Trump.

  11. Jesus Matters

    @ AbigailAdams

    We here in New Mexico are urging all pastors to keep their churches open. We are organizing a “Jesus Matters” convocation in Santa Fe on Sept 12 at noon at the Plaza. Jesus, faith, and churches are essential. All are welcome.

  12. BTW…..What happened to Ahmaud Arbrey……

    (say his name fast 3x….what does it sound like….?)

    My guess is the Arbrey thing fell apart when the video shows him charging the man and trying to take his gun away…..

    and that the former LEO and alleged criminal (Arbrey) knew each other professionally.

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