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Megyn Kelly to Dr. Jill Biden: ‘Get a Real MD’

RTM: In what many are calling a petty swipe, news commentator Megyn Kelly on Sunday took issue with the introduction of First Lady Jill Biden as “Dr. Jill Biden” during the NFC Championship Game.

Biden was spotted sitting in a luxury suite at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia near NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, rooting on her favored Eagles to victory over the San Francisco 49ers. 

When Fox cameras zoomed in on the first lady, she was identified as “Dr. Jill Biden — First Lady of the United States.” Though she earned a doctorate in education, Kelly referred to her as a “wannabe” for not having a “real” degree.

Kelly went on to insist her degree was a “fake title”: 

“Announcers for this Eagles-49ers game just spotted the First Lady in a box and of course call her ‘Dr. Jill Biden,’” Kelly tweeted. “Wonder if she realizes what a wannabe she looks like insisting on this fake title.” more

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  1. That was a Delaware produced degree, with Biden long in office when the degree was sought and awarded. It might as well have been an MD as believable as it is.

  2. This is just a whole lot of nuthin’.

    As far as I know, Jill is not chastising folks for NOT calling her Dr., this is the MSM being their obsequious self in deference and adulation to a public figure they approve of. They are the ones mislabelling her.

    I like Megyn and listen to her podcast but this is one instance she would have been better off canoodling with the hubby and staying off twitter.

  3. Rich, that nasty bitch Jill DOES indeed insist on being called DOCTOR.

    Look at Condi Rice’s Twitter, no mention of “Dr. Condelesa”
    Jill has “Dr. Jill biden*” as the main intro to her bio.

    Also, Fox showed a chiron during the football game as “Doctor Jill…”
    There are many instances of the media & JILL pushing this doctor horseshit.
    NBC made a big deal during the Olympics every single time they showed the cunt.

    The MSM absolutely LOVE false narratives, they need to make the weak minded, simpleton, unimpressive biden* crime family look impressive in any way they can.

  4. @Loco

    I don’t do twitter but aren’t those “bio’s” self-generated? Mayne Condi is secure in her own skin and does not need empty ego stroking as Jill does.

    I don’t know, given the state of affairs we find ourselves in, her made-up title is the least of our worries.

  5. Hmmm, lot of sympathy for the devil on this thread…

    Damn Rich, “self-generated?”
    Do you mean autogenerated?
    Are you trolling me???

    I actually think you are sincere, just not up to speed on who we are talking about here.

  6. As I said, I don’t do twitter but you brought up the bio’s and I was just asking if these are”generated” by the user, meaning that if you wanted the title “Grand Dragon of the Mississippi chapter of the KKK”, in your bio, that it would show up there?

  7. Joe Biden told the story of why Jill got a Doctorate: It seems she was tired of receiving mail addressed to “Sen & Mrs Joe Biden”. So she got her Doctorate so that mail would be addressed to “Sen & DR Biden”. That’s the story according to Joe. Vanity thy name is …

  8. first they generate the bio, then they gyrate it
    they spin it
    they’re just twerking their credentials

  9. The title of her doctoral thesis…“Student Retention at the Community College Level: Meeting Students’ Needs” ….That’s all you need to know about her DR.JILL nom de plume…

  10. Academic titles, are generally only used within academic circles. If she authors a book in her field, she would include Ph.D. after her name. If she were speaking at a conference, she would be introduced as Dr. Biden. This lets people who are interested in what she has to say know what her credentials –in her field of study– are.

    It is kind of pathetic of Dr. Jill –and the media– to refer to her academic rank at a freaking football game. The only reason she is referred to at all at a football game is because she’s the First Lady, not because she’s an intellectual.

  11. Hey Rich, fun fact:

    LocoBlancoSaltine was autogenerated for me…imagine that?
    That fucking AI knows me so well!

    Just having a little fun Rich.
    You can’t possibly believe Twitter automatically pronounced Jill a doctor can you?

  12. When I was in college only the pompous asshole professors got snippety about being referred to as “doctor”.

  13. Maybe she got so caught up in sex romps with “Dr Love” playing in the background that she felt that was a title she should have…
    (add the tt)

  14. Pretentiousness.

    There was a thing in DC that got her job claiming to be a PhD-ABD.
    Was hired. And for a couple of years nobody noticed. Except she was a complete fuck-up. The somebody asked her about it and she said, quite seriously, PhD – All But Dissertation.

    She was let go.

    An Ed.D. is a doctorate awarded to the higher floating turds in the Education ghetto cesspool. The head-slapping maggots who are too ignorant (or too stupid) to earn a degree in anything remotely relevant to life on Earth gravitate towards Education, Journalism, or Sociology – College and University equivalents of participation trophies.

    She’s an ambitious slut – fucked around on her old man with a mob guy who became a mob boss – that’s her claim to fame.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Jill Biden does NOT have a Ph.D. Her doctorate is an Ed.D – Doctor of Education which is held in much lower esteem that a Doctor of Philosophy. It is not a rigorous degree to complete and it helps if you are married to the senator from the same state as the state university. It is quite obvious that nobody on her advisory committee dared critique the drivel she wrote.

    Go read her doctoral thesis “Student Retention at Community College” or something similar and I guarantee you will be dumber for the time wasted. It has been compared to a first year ESL student’s term paper – full of grammar and spelling errors and also padded with banalities – remember when you had to write a paper and you double spaced and had huge margins and basically repeated the same thing over and over.

    For example, did you know that people enroll in community college in hopes of getting better jobs with better pay. Thankfully, DOCTOR Jill aka Captain Obvious was there to fill us in with her brilliant insights.

  16. Brsying a dead horse. Speaking of “dead”, we’ll be calling her Widow Biden soon enough. If we ever speak of her again, that is.

  17. “You can’t possibly believe Twitter automatically pronounced Jill a doctor can you?”

    No, I don’t, that’s why I asked the question about how bio’s are created on an SM site I don’t belong to but instead of answering in good faith you would rather yuck it up over my ignorance about twitter.

    Never mind, it is not important.

  18. Dr. Jill can call herself what ever she once, she’s still married to the worst President ever. In fact the puppet figure leading to our demise. Rich is right. Seems like right out of the blue for Kelly and we do have much larger problems.

  19. “It appears a few folks on this site think Megyn should “leave Jill alone.”

    Your reading comprehension sucks. She’s an insignificant bitch, and we don’t give a fuck. Hopefully that clears things up.

  20. ever read Jill’s dissertation? Full of contradictions. Not sure who wrote worse, Jill on her dissertation or Big Mike on her master’s thesis.

  21. Wow, I read her dissertation and it was loaded with spelling and grammar errors.
    Whatever university gave her that degree need their credentials revoked


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