Megyn Kelly’s Dunce Dance Revolution


Megyn Kelly‘s TV career continues to crash and burn. Along with her self-respect, apparently.

Hoda Kotb, the popular host of “Today,” joined Kelly as a guest on her show. As their segment wrapped up, the ladies got up and danced among the live audience (video below). Awkward!


The cringeworthy moment was almost universally panned on social media, with many calling it embarrassing, contrived and a cheap stunt for ratings.

“Lots can happen in a year,” actor James Woods deadpanned on Twitter.

The Daily Caller’s media critic Ian Miles Cheong quipped: “I feel nothing but second-hand embarrassment for Megyn Kelly.”



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29 Comments on Megyn Kelly’s Dunce Dance Revolution

  1. Not as versatile as Janet Reno. Crashed the SNL skit “Janet Reno’s Dance Party”, and sent Federal Agents to burn children alive.

    Top that Megyn.

  2. I watched Kelly for a while, when I still watched Fox, she was pretty tough, annoying but pretty good. And then she made a complete ass of herself.

    After her attempted take-down of Trump…pure cookie dough.

    I saw her on her ‘Today Show’ appearance…she was NOT the same woman. She was not the same ‘hard reporter’ she was with Fox, she was ‘fluff’ pure and simple.

  3. I say she will do this as a regular segment, and at a future date, slip and fall, then retire on disability. It was either that or leprosy.

  4. While I always support her – being the fair and open-minded liberal that I am, where were the men in that video? Where is the equal access for all on her show?!

    I’m offended, (even though MK is such a brilliant journalist that only the enlightened like me can see it)


    Wow. I guess for the right price, she’ll ruin her career, and make a total unrecoverable ass of herself in the process.

    That’s one way to submarine FoxNews.

  6. Her audience was like 12 “wooh! yeah!” liberal Oprah-loving women. Gotta give the crowd what they want, right? 12 isn’t a crowd, it’s a wake.

    Lisa (to coffin-encased dead Bart) – “I know you never understood how I felt about you, so I’ll just place one of my cupcakes lovingly on your head.” (cries & leaves)
    Nelson – “Hey, they got food at this thing…Here’s one for the road, Simpson.” (Nelson, Jimbo, Dolf & Kearney beat the shit out of Bart Simpsons’ corpse)

  7. Her agent was smart enough to get this bimbo enough to live on for the rest of her life. The clowns at NBC certainly are dimbulbs. They deserve what they got!

  8. The person(s) who are dressing Meggie and doing her make up don’t like her much.

    Don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to make Hoda the sacrificial lamb on Meggie’s
    show, but they owe her a bonus. A really, really big bonus.


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