Megyn Kelly’s Shania Twain Impersonation

Daily Caller: Megyn Kelly pulled out her best Shania Twain costume for NBC’s country-themed Halloween on Tuesday, even performing Twain’s hit song “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.”

Kelly’s costume imitated Twain’s look from the “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video, including the black top hat, corset, and thigh high boots.  Watch

50 Comments on Megyn Kelly’s Shania Twain Impersonation

  1. Twain’t.

    Just quit your job, write your whiny book and go on a signing tour. Ask Soledad O’brien and Melissa-Harris-Perry how they handled it. But please, no more dancing.

  2. Shania is Smoking Hot… Megyn is shivering cold by nature. Her Hillary costume would have been more appropriate.

  3. So when her next interview is in mid-collapse is she going jump off her chair to tap dance and sing? I expect the plug to be pulled on this broad before the end of the year.

  4. The only thing that might save MK’s job is her coming out as gay.
    Thinking about, not even that, as it didn’t help Rose O’Donnel.

  5. Uhh … why?
    WTF is a “Shania Twain?” Sounds like an STD. Or maybe that’s a “Sharted Taint?”
    (yeah, I know I could look it up – I just don’t care enough)
    Funny how “celebrities” fawn over other “celebrities” in attempts to increase their own “celebrity” status, isn’t it? They really should get a room and slobber over each other’s asses in private.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. So Megyn is trying to pull off not just Shania Twain, but Shania Twain from BACK IN THE DAY???

    NOBODY could beat Shania back in the day.

    It gives you some idea of Megyn’s completely distorted self regard.

    I mean COME ON!!!

  7. In last ditch desperation she will go topless.

    Those ageing “killer B’s” won’t save her.

    The Left destroys everything it touches.

  8. Kelly could save her careeer if it wasn’t being stage-managed by the monkey boys at the network. Give her back her show and her political viewpoint. Before she got into the punchup with Trump she had consistatntly high ratings, a good sized audience and good telegenic precense. It’s not too late, almost but not quite.
    @Tim; Shania Twain was possibly the most popular country-pop singer in the world for a number of years. She carted home box after box of emmys and country music awards, sold tens of millions of records and spawned a number of acts that emulated her style. She retired after doctors told her there was a problem with her voice. In any event she’s going to be performing at our Canadian Football League Grey Cup Half Time Show (our equivilent to your SuperBowl) where I gurantee nobody will be taking a knee during the anthem.

  9. She used sex to get famous….”killer b’s”….until she got famous….

    Now that she’s burnt her brand…’s back sex… trick pony.

  10. I think that lady has talent, you go girl, it takes guts to get on stage and I commend her. I know of a Producer who will like you and put you on the Hollywood fast track, Henry, Harry, no, it’s Harvey Weinstein. He’s overseas for a few weeks doing talent searches, the timing looks to be just right.
    Just do it!

  11. If it’s so wrong for a man to be looking at their breastessesss, then why do they go out of their way to show them and jiggle them around so much (not that I noticed how much they really jiggled)?
    Kind of like when Katie Couric sat in for Jay Leno and, pointing at her chest, told the crowd that “these are actually real” (as well as joking about probing colons).
    I’m so confused. Don’t look (but I really want you to look).
    It’s almost like liberals have one set of rules for them and one set of rules for everyone else.
    “It’s okay for us to grab each other by the whatevers, but you can’t even joke about it”.
    “It’s okay for us to flash everything for the whole world to see, but don’t you dare look while we’re doing it”.


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