Melania Makes A Little Girl’s Christmas Dream Come True

[…] “She has been waiting for this day,” Nancy said, tears in her eyes. “She has been talking non-stop about meeting Mrs. Trump. This is her Christmas dream come true.” Mr. Rodriguez, a decorated military man, said he “was stunned and amazed” watching the “unexpected attention” the first lady paid to his daughter.

A crying Jackie stood beneath us, clutching a drawing and wiping tears from her eyes. “She’s crying because the Mrs. Trump is gone,” Nancy explained. Nancy asked Jackie to spin around her treasured drawing she was holding tight. She noted that as a parting gift, Melania had given her daughter the drawing she had made.  GO SEE

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  1. Benny Johnson, you ignorant slut, that’s a US Navy Captain, in the Army, a Full bird Colonel.
    It’s easy to be an Army Captain, Navy Captain, whole other thing.
    “What a maroon.” – Bugs

    ed. Whoops, sorry F4U, sudda read before leaping, that kind of thing pisses me off.

  2. I love these kinds of heart-warming stories involving FLOTUS. She is so gracious and humble. She doesn’t exploit kids, as in “photo op.”

    More anti-Trump ridiculousness: Just received a wonderful gift from a client, a selection of fruit and treats from The Fruit Company out of Hood River, OR. I was interested to see what other gift baskets The Fruit Company made and while perusing their site, came across their claim that Oprah had given them a shout out in her magazine. On the cover of that issue? The exhortation to “Be Excellent.” Apparently being excellent is fine, but being best is a bridge too far.


    Full-blown red carpet treatment and Lincoln bedroom!

    Why not? Every political SCUMBAG in the world can go, why not a cute little girl?

  4. I expect the media will disapprove of what Melania wore…..

    FLOTUS is getting tougher skin, now, knows that, like POTUS, just breathing will be damned — in some way — by the legacy media. …..Lady in Red

  5. At the risk of getting trashed for posting this, did I not see that it noted Slick Willy was playing Santa Claus at the end of the article?

    Is it possible that even “one of the Clintons” could be found to be a decent human occasionally?

    Flame away…

  6. As the late Jackie Gleason would say, “How sweet it is!” And Red Skelton, “May God Bless”. Two American greats.


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