‘Melania, there is hope’


Have you noticed the sudden popularity of books about fascism? It is amazing. I would say such books are even more popular than books about rock ‘n’ roll, though they are not as well written. I have in mind: “How Fascism Works,” “Fascism: A Warning,” “The Road to Unfreedom” and “Can It Happen Here?” Doubtless many more are coming. All are inspired by our president, Donald J. Trump, and they probably scare the hell out of his wife, Melania. She actually grew up on the continent where fascism was a dominant force for years and communism for many more.

I have never been to Slovenia, where Melania was raised, but I visited Croatia and Bosnia, two little countries that share the same neighborhood as Slovenia. There I saw a few of the remaining fascists slouching around on the fenders of cars and slinking into alleyways. They looked like the criminal element to me. In real-life America we have few of these louts lying about, and when they do they are usually found hanging around country gas stations, at least until the gas station’s proprietor tells them to scram. They are about as far removed from the president as staphylococcus. So Melania should give these books on fascism no notice.

Instead she might visit the countryside of America, where people are civil and law abiding. I would suggest that she visit the New Jersey countryside. I was there last weekend and had an experience that might delight her. There, while awaiting my dog’s treatment for some minor matter, I met a middle-aged woman with her 7-week-old kitty. The attendant called out the kitty’s name, “Melania.” Yes, this 100 percent American had named her young cat Melania. For all I know she had a young boy at home named Barron. Yes, America has its Trump supporters and my guess is there are millions of them. Moreover, they are not the kind of people who stay home on Election Day, not any longer.

There might have been a day when they would stay home but not since they got their chance to vote for a presidential candidate who mirrored their views. Hillary called them the deplorables. Barack said they “cling to their guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.” Now they vote.

5 Comments on ‘Melania, there is hope’

  1. Fascism. What a joke.
    Most people who use the word have no idea what it means.

    Don’t accept Joe Stalin’s and the New York Times’s “definition,” get up off your dead asses and look it up.

    In two words: Italian Socialism.
    In one word: Keynesianism.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Fascism is alive and thriving in America — we’ve got the FBI, DoJ, and the rest of the shadow gov’t remaining under oblowme to prove it. Antifa is fascist, BLM is fascist, Occupy was fascist, the media is fascist, Hollywood is rife with fascism, the universities are definitely fascist.


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