Mellencamp Takes A Knee

You know, I’m not going to protect these people from themselves. In an appearance to promote his latest album, the self-titled “Sad Clowns & Hillbillies,” John “Cougar” Mellencamp appeared on the Colbert Show this week.

The aging performer sang, “Easy Target” from the new album then took a knee, adding the black power salute just so the audience didn’t think the aging rocker was having a stroke or something. Few took notice. More





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  1. “Jack & Diane” update….two young lovers doin’ the best that they can……..Jack was molested as a youth and went to Papua New Guinea to teach wood working. He was eaten by the local tribes…..Diane became a cougar and lives in Malibu…

  2. I noticed. I was a longtime fan. BFH and I have had this discussion before. His lyrics hint at his activism way back when but they are wrapped in a snappy tune. The less snappy the tune, he’s getting older, less record sales, so he had to bump up the SJW to get fresh eyes and maybe new fans. Sad. I don’t know what Meg Ryan sees in him.

  3. Crappy formulaic radio poop bubble gum girly music. Johnny cooter melonhead, brucey sprungstein,”hair bands” et al……all pussyfied hacks.
    Radio has sucked sewer water for 45 years.
    Good, really talented musicians die broke because they don’t fit the industry’s idea of “merchandise”.

  4. This punk was always a sh@teater, never could stand his sniveling noise. Not any surprise to me this tact he’s taking. Just a punk.

  5. I think I’ll just cut to the chase and start hating all entertainers that make political statements. Entertainers are just that, not someone who’s opinion I cherish. STFU and sing.

  6. 1979. Long Beach Arena. Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow headlining the show. Opening band: Johnny Cougar and the Zone (yes, Mellencamp).

    We booed him offstage after only one song. Some guy in the front row gave him a beer shower. Good times!

  7. Such a shame, great artist. Best stuff was never really played by the radio jockeys. I actually an album from way back when he was known as “Johnny Cougar”.
    Ain’t even done with the night,. Hold tight!

  8. He put a song out in the late eighties called, “Country Gentleman” that was anti-Reagan. But I still bought one album after that and am still glad. He is (WAS) a good song writer. Like I said, it’s a shame. I have found many of his songwriting type like Bruce Springsteen and himself in Ireland for example Glen Hansard. They are not political and totally cool.

  9. Always a good thing when another “middle of America” musician is exposed for the left wing sack of shit that he always was.

    Think “Little Pink Houses” is a tribute to the greatness of America just because he sings “Home of the Free, yeah, yeah, yeah”? In fact, he’s being a sarcastic little shithead

  10. I have collected over 4000 albums and I can say not 1 of his. I have never heard any song of his that I wanted to hear again or pay for.

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