Member of Party Who Invented “Canceling” is Still Whining That She’s Not Working

Kathy Griffin whines from her mansion, having a net worth of 50 million. She says she’s been robbed of providing “laughter for people.”

Who the hell was ever laughing? She became a partisan punk who had nothing good to say about half the population.

How bad do you feel for her?

What are some things that make you feel worse than what Kathy Griffin is “going through?”

I’ll start.

When I can’t crack a boiled egg cleanly, but then it gets all raggedy and cratery. That makes me feel worse than I do for Kathy Griffin.

34 Comments on Member of Party Who Invented “Canceling” is Still Whining That She’s Not Working

  1. Proof!
    Even the most desperate man about to go to the front lines to be cannon fodder has a bare minimum standard for a prostitute that she CAN NOT Measure up to.

  2. JB_Honeydew,

    Happened to a friend of mine in a government building.

    Wiped his ass with his Work Uniform and I saw him walking shirtless through the Courthouse with an unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth.

    One of the funniest things I ever saw.

  3. Sweetheart, lots of comedians fade into obscurity. Say hello to Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan and Andrew Dice Clay. At least you are a cinnamon so people will still laugh at you behind your back.

  4. Accidentally closing a browser tab I intended to switch to and then having to right click and select “Reopen last closed tab” makes me feel worse than I do for…for…what’s-her-name.

  5. Hollywood is a shithole of pedophilia, sexual abuse, corruption and stupidity. But that’s not the rest of America.

    This warped POS Griffin should suffer hard for the damage she helped inflict on our country.

  6. The Dove Bar hard chocolate coating.
    I bite into it and the coating cracks down the sides.
    It upsets me so.
    I immediately think how it makes me feel worse than I do for Kathy Griffin.
    Some things are just hard to cope with.

  7. While forking beautiful potatoes out of the ground in mid winter, I accidentally stab a beef steak. This makes me feel worse that I do for, ah, what’s her name? Kathy Griffin? (Haven’t seen her in anything for years/decades. Isn’t she one who threatened to kill Trump? Or suggest he should be killed? Maybe I should show up at her place with my fork.)

  8. You’re so funny BFH. Kathy made me laugh when she went to Meehico and was hospitalized with the trots. She cried hysterically that she had covid and was going to die. Yep, that made me laugh my ass off.

  9. There is a dead skunk on the side of the highway about a quarter mile from my house. I feel worse for it than I do for mud flaps.

  10. Pretty much any petty negative thing I could ever experience in my life, would make me feel worse than I would ever feel for the likes of Kathy Griffin.

  11. At no time in the history of our nation has America been so full of idiots, assholes and Communists and even THEY don’t want anything to do with this skunky kunt!

  12. Poor Kathie brainempty
    About as worthless as
    Kolonscopy Krapperprick

    He at least knew how to extort money
    from the gutless owners of the NFL

    She is even less brainless than him.

    Maybe she should make ” NINA ”
    complaints for not being employed,

  13. She says she’s been robbed of providing “laughter for people” – but don’t worry Kathy: we’re still getting a lot of laughter as a result of your antics.

  14. Not at all!
    We still laugh at you from time to time, when you remind us you’re still around.
    I guess negative attention is better than no attention at all for some folks.

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