POTUS vs. #FakeNews CNN MEME CONTEST – $$$ Prizes

The Conservative Treehouse and PolitOpinion.com are sponsoring a MEME CONTEST – 3 chances to win $$$

To help counter the insufferable censorship, blackmail and Stazi tactics of CNN, Politopinion is providing an opportunity for meme producers to win prizes.
If you create a funny gif, video, or image meme (with the CNN logo) you can submit it to Mr. Pinko (directions here) and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a cash prize.
TheConservativeTreehouse.com has kindly posted $1000 in prize money to be divided up in the following 3 format/categories.

$500 – BEST GIF

$300 – BEST YouTube Video

$200 – BEST JPG image

#CNNBlackmail #TrumpMemeContest

PRESIDENT TRUMP vs. Fake News CNN MEME CONTEST! $1000 Prize (courtesy of TheConservativeTreehouse.com)

PRESIDENT TRUMP vs. Fake News CNN MEME CONTEST! Total $1000 Prize $$$ (Courtesy of TheConservativeTreeHouse.com)
Any other websites/sponsors are more than welcome to up the ANTI in the name of FREEDOM of SPEECH!


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  1. ok, i tried and submitted one. mines like the first time you gave your 2 year old color crayons and he didnt eat them but drew something. Thats mine compared to the other submissions.

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