Memorial Day Graphics

Via Quinn.

First Bing –

Big, bold, appropriately military with the brass stars. Somber, yet strong.

Now Gargle –

Can you even see it? It’s there. Squint a little.

14 Comments on Memorial Day Graphics

  1. Despicable but unsurprising. Makes me mighty leery of that recently announced contract between Ggogle and the DoD.

    Goog for Bing!

    But I haven’t used Ggogle search in two years or more. DuckDuckGo works like a champ and it has plug-ins for the browsers I use. Plus there’s always a way to set it as the default search engine, even in Chrome.

  2. Break ’em in half PRESIDENT Trump!


  3. Goog has a teeny flag I missed the first time
    What’s with the people in my town who think its July 4th with the fireworks? Very disrespectful IMO but probably bc we skipped the military services at cemetery. I did see the Legion guys with their uniforms on at the post and our cemetery flags at half staff all afternoon. Then they raised them in evening (they stay up all the time)

  4. I swear to God that at 0530 (edt) yesterday that teeny tiny flag wasn’t there. Almost like some Googlebot figured they’d better add it in so everyone that lives in the better countries knew what was up.

  5. Search an address something rural with google maps and bing maps, results are everything I need to know to pick my browser


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