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Memphis Police Department Has a Long History of Cops With Gang Ties

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Reports have emerged suggesting that 3 of the 5 officers involved in the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols are members of the Vice Lords street gang.

The Memphis Police Department has a long history of its cops being tied to violent street gangs, an issue that’s facing renewed scrutiny after the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, and after reports have trickled in saying that some of the cops involved are members of the Vice Lords.

Three of the five Memphis police officers involved in the beating of Tyre Nichols, who later died at the hospital, could have ties to, or even be full-fledged members of, the Vice Lords street gang, and may have been carrying out a gang-ordered attack when they set upon Nichols.

“We are investigating a tip that 3 of the 5 officers in the Memphis PD beating of Tyre Nichols were memebrs of the Vice Lords gang and under their direction,” Lauren Witzke, of the Stew Peters Network, reported to Twitter.

subsequent tweet from Witzke reported that the Vice Lords also have members working as jail officers, and are believed to have ties to a bail bonds company in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In addition to those charged in Nichols’ death, who are facing counts of 2nd-degree murder among others, several Memphis police officers have been cited for their ties to criminal gangs and street violence in years past, seeming to point to a pattern of criminal behavior within the department.

In 2020, a former Memphis PD officer was tied to the Gangster Disciples, a gang that’s called for the murders of police officers in Memphis and nearby Mississippi in recent years. According to the results of a police investigation, the officer, who retired to skirt accountability, “got involved” with a high-ranking female member of the gang, who was a suspect in a murder he was investigating. MORE

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  1. There’s a story floating around, and gaining lots of momentum, that Tyre was bumping uglies with one of those cops wife. Makes sense if you watch the beat down

  2. LocoBlancoSaltine
    FEBRUARY 3, 2023 AT 12:44 AM
    “Wait now SNS, Wakanda would be fucking UTOPIA!

    No jails
    No rules
    No black on black crime
    and best of all… NO WHITEY!”


  3. 3 out of 5 might be part of the Vice Lords Gang, but at 5 out of 5 are part of the Blue Line Gang. So are the cops that didn’t stop the beating.

  4. I have a few friends who sold their house and possessions and hightailed it out of CA for TN, due to crime, a few liberals, and politics change every 4 years. TN is a Red state but that doesn’t mean anything any more. My daughter went to Florida, and they’ve been traveling around for 3 months trying to figure out where to settle down. She said people down there don’t like anyone from California. I pointed out that our country is divided, every man is for himself. They’ve never expe3rienced living any where but where they were born and grew up. Eyes wide open. They’re in Georgia right now looking….


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