Men Abusing Men In Hollywood

Big Hollywood:

Sinister Cycle Continues: Terry Crews, James Van Der Beek Not Comfortable Naming Abusers.

Just as one cannot imagine what it must be like for a woman to be assaulted by a man, so too is the idea of a man being sexually assaulted by another man an unimaginable act. That is what actors Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek claim happened to them. And as if to prove that the same sinister culture that protected Harvey Weinstein for three decades still exists, neither actor will name his abuser(s).

Their silence is frustrating. We want them to name names. We want to see justice done to every sexual abuser. After all, silence is the abuser’s greatest enabler.  But what is truly at fault is a system that keeps Crews and Van Der Beek silent, that very same Hollywood culture that protected Weinstein for so long.

And it is not just Hollywood that protects these abusers. When names are not named, the same NBC News that killed Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein bombshell, is able to protect Hollywood with outrageously generic headlines like this.

Using his Twitter account, earlier this week Crews detailed the story of a “high level Hollywood executive” who “groped his privates.”

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  1. I guess it’s a matter of deciding which is more important to you; naming your assailant or maintaining your fame.

  2. NOT NEWS:

    Corey Feldman had been saying this for years, and before that, we knew Michael Jackson had been too friendly with kids, and before that Roman Polanski.

    We’ve always known.

  3. “Using his Twitter account, earlier this week Crews detailed the story of a “high level Hollywood executive” who “groped his privates.”

    Which only proves that Crews has no balls.

  4. So quick we are to judge others actions. These men lived this, I did not, and probably few commenters have, either.

    Take their stories, learn from them, try to educate, but do not blame their actions or inactions. None of us know what we might do until the situation comes directly to us.

  5. There is so much more to hiding abuse than what people who haven’t been abused understand. It’s not simple. Abusers are skilled, sneaky and thrive on control. In the early stages of grooming their victims.

    Victims are so often unsure of what just happened, or wonder if what happened was really abuse or if they misunderstood. Initial grooming isn’t overt. It is kin to entrapment especially with young victims.

    Young victims don’t realize that our bodies normally respond to sexual stimulation whether or not it is initially wanted nor if the stimilation is from either sex. Eventually they are convinced by the perp and their own body’s responses that they enjoy the stimulation, that it is theit decision, fault, etc.

    Perps try riskier and riskier behavior as they have “success.”

    Young victims often crave any attention of adults because they aren’t getting proper attention from their family.

    With abuse of adults it is a bit different, but not a whole lot.

    Too much to write here on an iPad.

  6. My daughter was almost killed in an abusive relationship. Brave enough to exit after the first physical abuse. She was brave enough, also to show her beaten face and blackened eyes in public. Two different men spoke to her about their own abuse by wives/girlfriends. They told of being ashamed to speak out. Do you not think that this same kind of shame is at play here with these men? Men are unused to being a victim and are mocked for being weak if they admit it.
    Please don’t judge.

  7. @ Graceia

    Excellent comment.

    Just want to add that there is a perceived “shame” by the victim of rape or groping, male or female, but especially same sex on same sex that induces silence.

  8. I don’t care. I have had enough of these Hollywood hypocrites telling everyone else how to live when they choose to live their own lives in a cesspool of depravity. I will save what capacity for empathy for someone who truly is a victim and not a volunteer. They knew what they were getting into when they of their own free will walked through the gate through which Satan was inviting them to pass.

  9. I wish they would show the bravery that they do through their characters and stop this vile form of assault from impacting on another man, woman or child. Be Strong! Help break down that wall of silence that has damaged or destroyed thousands of souls over the decades and show the abusers that they are not immune to justice.

  10. “Maybe Hollywood will finally end their BS lectures & go back to doing what they do best… pretending to be something they’re not. Oh wait.”

    Donald Trump Jr.

  11. I have no idea how other men would react to unwanted touching by another male.
    ***Foul language alert
    It happened to me once, the guy groped me and stated he could do more tricks on my dick than a monkey could do on a may pole.
    With no forethought, I reacted through physical force and then humiliated him in front of his friends.
    Seemed to work and the message was received loud and clear.

    However, I have yet to see a monkey on a may pole.

    But I have seen pigs fly, from washington dc to their home districts.

  12. Crews is a scumbag. At this point we know everything about what happened to him, just not the NAME of who did it to him. So there is only “shame” when we find out who the homo is?

    6-3″ tall, 245 lb man, and hes afraid? What about the other victims that CANT defend themselves? Scumbag.

  13. Just about all of these people are morally bankrupt degenerates. And I’m not just talking about those being accused. Most of the people in Hollywood would pimp out their Grandmothers for a role in a movie. For the most part there are no victims, only volunteers. I think the poor girl on the audio recording may have also been a fake and just trying to get something she could use to blackmail old Harvey the perv into giving her a part. The only reason I give a shit is that it’s exposing Democrats as the perverts and scumbags that we’ve known they were all along.

  14. @Cato, a guy groped Mr. RottyLover in a bar once. The guy must have thought the Mr. was too drunk to really do anything. The Mr. hit him once and damn near killed him. He was in the hospital for a week. The guy swore he was hit 10 or 15 times, but all the witnesses backed up the one punch.

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