Men Have Periods Too (And Other Lies)

This week, Dennis Prager addresses the lies the left tells, including the outrageous claim that men can have periods, too. He then discusses his appearance on Bill Maher’s show and how the left always says that conservatives over-exaggerate their claims.

17 Comments on Men Have Periods Too (And Other Lies)

  1. I have encountered a website with a very descriptive and graphic depiction of the horrible mutilations done to both male and female trans victims, How any sane person can actually believe such self-torture surgeries will make them happy? What is worse is that the surgeons that do this are monsters themselves, knowing it is wrong. So sickening. I will not post the link as I usually do because it is truly awful to see and read the victim’s regrets as he suffers post-surgery. No undoing such gross cutting up of normal bodies.

  2. They must be talking about trans women who look like men but still have their plumbing. I’ve seen the commerical no REAL MAN could be paid enough to do that.

  3. This entire argument is only an attempt to gaslight the ignorant into believing any strange ass bullshit they come up with later.
    I will outline:
    Women have periods. Even if they wear an elaborate man disguise


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