Menacing Crowd of Dirtbags Unlawfully Detain Person in Car – Person Pulls Gun But Only Fires in the Air

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  1. The presence of the gun is your warning to your immediate assailant / deadly threat. Shooting the bastard is your warning to anybody else who might be about to do you harm.

    Shooting your gun in warning? Bad idea, both tactically and legally.

  2. Shooting in the air is a bad idea in any event-bullets have been known to obey gravity & hit uninvolved victims some distance away.
    If you feel shooting is necessary to prevent or end physical assault, aim & hit the target.
    And always know what’s behind the target, esp. if it’s more scumbags!

  3. Uncle Al – of course you are correct. But there is one benefit of his action: the dirtbags are reminded that people in cars are carrying and could end their two-bit lives real quick.

  4. What goes up—-, someone take this clowns gun from him. You only discharge your weapon in a defensive situation WHEN YOU NEED TO. If you get my drift.

  5. @Jimmy — Of course you are also correct. There are some good outcomes that might play out from a warning shot. It’s just that there’s too high a chance for a bad outcome. )-:

  6. Someone’s eventually going to get shot. My guess is pretty soon. Much like yesterday’s fatty in the parking lot, the motorists have had enough. The counter to this will be the protesters raise the stakes by making the roads impassable. they are already piling bike in the streets to make it impossible for cars to just keep driving, and they will start shooting motorists. The solution is for the spineless city leaders to act now and give the police standing orders to immediately break up any of these street closures with whatever force they need to use.

  7. “Someone’s eventually going to get shot.” -Cynic

    I’ll see your “get shot” and raise you “a slaughter.”

    If the police don’t starting enforcing the law, it’s going to happen.

  8. A lot of people live streaming the protests said the weed smoke was so thick around them they got a contact high. Whether or not they were loaded before taking in the fresh, pungent, smell of a protest, is under investigation.

  9. On the evening of May 31, Eldon Hawkins unwittingly drove his burgundy 2010 Buick LaCrosse sedan into the heart of a protest at Broad and High streets and unleashed a furious response.

    Hawkins, 58, who has cerebral palsy, said he was left shaken by the experience, and damage to his car topped $8,000. He spoke about what happened during Monday’s Columbus City Council meeting.

    It is high time to make it a class A federal felony to impede as a form of protest any vehicle being operated on any public road that has even a dime of federal money invested in it EVER.

    And hold any local and State officials accessories to the crime if they do not take active action to prevent such.

  10. Attempting to break into or forcibly enter anyone’s private vehicle should be treated no different than a home invasion robbery. Use of deadly force should be codified as a legitimate response and criminal penalties should also be the same.

  11. “A lot of people live streaming the protests said the weed smoke was so thick around them they got a contact high. ”

    I thought weed was supposed to make you laid back, mellow, and non violent.

    One of the reasons put forth for legalizing it.

  12. During our visit from Antifa/BLM, our Sheriff announced that any attempt to impede, stop, or block traffic would be considered kidnapping and being held against ones will.
    There’s plenty of laws on the books to stop this behavior. What’s missing is the will for some agencies to actually do it.

  13. There are too many weak governors, mayors, and district attorneys so afraid of the mob that they are willing to prosecute those who would defend themselves.

    How far has BLM pushed their agenda that pushing back is “evidence” of your white supremacy?

  14. @AC (2:43 PM) — In my experience (the statute of limitations has run), inhaling or ingesting weed or other THC products tends to make you “go with the flow”. If “the flow” is lazing around listening to bad music and snacking, then that’s what you do.

    But if “the flow” is rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting innocent people, then when stoned you’d simply go with that, as that’s the path of least resistance to what your companions are doing.

    Thank goodness my pals were always into lazing and munching.

  15. It’s all a big block party for these little jerks until someone does shoot and they watch their friends brains being scooped up with a snow shovel.

  16. People have already been shot, and some killed, in recent weeks. It isn’t a matter of if because it has already happened.
    And the media, like a good lapdog, either ignores it or says that Trump is to blame.
    Meanwhile, another police chase going on right now in my neighborhood, Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica.

  17. One side has already declared war, while some want to pretend to still live in a civil society where the laws are applied equally.
    The time to stop playing pretend is gone, so those with their heads in the sand are in for a rude awakening.

  18. He? should have shot any one one of the rioters. They have NO authority to demand Jack Shit. More people need to drive through these rioters and travel armed and ready to defend themselves. maybe if a few of these dumbasses get planted they will stop blocking the streets.

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