Mentally Ill Manning Says Police Responding to Suicide Attempt Represents a POLICE STATE

Not only did the mentally ill Manning say that the police showing up to his “wellness check” with guns drawn was evidence of a POLICE STATE, The Intercept agrees.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when the police get a call that someone is attempting suicide and they enter a dark house and can’t see or hear anyone, yes THEY DRAW THEIR GUNS.

Who wouldn’t??

The call is about someone in a very stressed, distraught and confused state, and they may have a gun.

What the hell is wrong with the left? Can they really be this stupid?

Every time I think they’ve reached the nadir, they find a new vein to mine and go deeper.


20 Comments on Mentally Ill Manning Says Police Responding to Suicide Attempt Represents a POLICE STATE

  1. OK, he’s stupid.
    He could have had a gun and or been planning a murder /suicide.
    I don’t blame the cops for showing up that way.
    If he’s not willing to see a psychiatrist then he should jump next time and not talk about it like the attention whore he is.

  2. Police State my ass, they were making sure that he didn’t hurt a decent, hardworking cop during his ‘episode’
    Bradley Manning needs a Hickory Shampoo with a Boot rinse.

  3. We all know this will not end well for Mr/Mrs Manning. And this whole Senate run will only hasten his mental collapse.

  4. A story for y’all:
    Years ago in Washington Heights, NYC a call came in to the 34 Pct. that there was a man on the roof at 207th Street threatening to jump
    Several cars responded. Several cops went to the roof. One was 25 year veteran named Matty. Here’s what I heard happened.
    Matty, who had a line of bullshit longer than the NYState Thruway,
    approached the guy.
    Matty: Hey asshole are you goin’ to jump or what?
    Man: Yes, don’t come near me. I’going to jump.
    Matty: Will you do me a favor?
    Man. What favor?
    Matty: Can you wait another 15 minutes or so, so the next shift can come on duty and do all the Goddamn reports and shit? Because it’s my birthday and I’m expected home at 12:30 for a surprise birthday party with all my grand kids, and kids, you know what I mean?
    So if you jump now I won’t get home ’till about 6am.
    Man: OK. I’ll wait.
    Matty: Thank you I really appreciate that. (After a few minutes)
    Matty: While we’re waiting, why don’t you step down and have a cigarette?
    After a few crazy minutes, the man stepped off the wall and asked Matty for a cigarette. Matty cuffed him and sent him off to Bellvue Hospital in an ambulance. Matty stuck some rookie with the paperwork and went home. Matty got a medal for “successfully preventing a troubled young man from suicide.”
    Matty was a real cop!

  5. I kinda agree with The Intercept: when someone calls saying Manning is suicidal, do nothing. Well, maybe the police can alert the ACLU or The Intercept, but other than that Manning is on his own and safe from the police state.

    Oh, and the cops may want to give a heads up to the poor schlubs that have to clean up the mess.

  6. I think police departments need Progressives to lead the way, like Arab armies do with women and children.

  7. I’d pull a gun too. He likely harbors some diseased bodily fluids. Those are dangerous weapons.

    That’s actually a good reason not to get too close to pervs. They are diseased.

  8. I don’t appreciate the militarization of our LEO. However, there’s been to many LEO set up for ambush. Not sure what came first the chicken or the egg. Sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a cop these days.

  9. So, why didn’t the cops shoot?
    For all the shit they’re getting, they could of saved us the trouble of ‘Chelsea’.

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